How to Market Your Business With Stickers

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How to Market Your Business With Stickers

Stickers are a simple, cheap investment that can benefit your business, creating a casual relationship with your customers and increasing brand awareness. They’re one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses, and clients love them. 

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Get to know the top six ways to market your business using stickers.

Include Stickers With Packaging

A custom sticker can make a difference when it comes to shipments. Many online businesses are starting to include custom stickers on their packaging, or even adding a sticker sheet inside, so clients can place them wherever they want. 

Consider creating a special sticker with your social network links, your logo, ‘thank you’ note or something fun and quirky. Increasing your business-client relationship is what many marketers call goodwill.

Bumper Stickers Are Free Advertising

Bumper stickers are a great way to promote your business at virtually no cost. Create some holographic stickers and give them out at events, trade shows or even online. 

These will help your brand reach more places and potentially new customers. Don’t forget how people love bumper stickers.

Sell Your Stickers at Checkout

This is a simple yet effective tactic to generate some profits from stickers. Add them as an option during checkout or create a special category on your store website. 

This is also a perfect way to help customers reach the minimum amount for free shipping. Some clients will even be thankful.

Use Stickers on Your Belongings

Creating your own holographic stickers and placing them on your water bottles, laptop or mobile devices can raise brand awareness in no time. People will be intrigued once they see them. 

On that same note, consider offering some stickers to friends and family. This will have the same effect, and you won’t need to spend a penny.

Give Out Stickers to Employees

Your employees can be a powerful marketing tool if they love their job. Consider giving out some sticker sheets they can give away or use on their personal belongings. This is effective in making them feel valued and improves your company culture.

Guerilla Marketing With Stickers

Sidewalks, doors, poles, you name it! Placing stickers in random yet strategic locations is a fun and innovative way to ensure your brand gets its well-deserved recognition. It’s a stealthy guerilla marketing approach that will definitely give you the upper hand.

No matter which strategies you use to promote your business with stickers, we’re sure they’ll help you stand out from the competition while attracting new customers. Give these a try!

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