Why You Need a Technology Guide for Your Office Build Out

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Moving is one of life’s stressful endeavors, but with an experienced technology partner in your corner, you can hit the ground running in your new high-tech office space. At FIT Technologies we have helped dozens of our clients relocate or build brand new offices from the ground up, keeping tabs on how to seamlessly integrate the most useful technology so they can hit the ground running on their first day in their new space.

What tech should I consider when building out or re-locating?

There is a considerable amount of time and planning that goes into a new office space – carpeting, furniture, light fixtures, cubicles – and it can be easy to overlook the “behind the scenes” role that technology will play in the efficiency of the space.

In today’s modern world, internet connectivity is the backbone of many businesses. Some locations simply do not have high-quality internet options. If it’s not readily available, a proper internet connection could take three to six months to build out.

One of the biggest and often most confusing aspects of tech in a new office is the floor plan. Dozens of variables go into creating the best, most effective layout, and each office is unique. Some questions that the experts at FIT can answer:

  • How many printers are needed and where should they be located?
  • Where is the network closet going to be? Are multiple closets needed?
  • When it comes to data cables, how can we solve distance limitations?
  • What kind of electrical power requirements does the equipment have?
  • Are backup generators or battery systems needed?

Organizations should also consider what type of office environment they want to have. Are employees using desktop machines that won’t move and can be hardwired to the internet, or will they be moving around a lot with laptops and other mobile devices? Or will you have both types of users? This will greatly impact the design and layout of your new space. Legacy systems, such as security cameras or phones, may need to be upgraded to internet-connected models that weren’t in place at your former office space.

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