The Benefits of SaaS: From Predictability to Innovation

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As one of the big buzzwords in recent years, it still seems necessary to shortly explain what “SaaS” really means. “SaaS” stands for “Software as a Service”. On the one hand side, it is a method of software delivery in which software is accessed online (often directly via a natural web interface) rather than installed on computers or accessed via VPN from company’s internal networks. On the other hand, it is a contractual model. Simply put, customers subscribe to the software instead of purchasing the license. Think of it like a subscription to Netflix instead of buying a DVD – or rather, all DVDs of all movies on Netflix. But what exactly are the benefits of SaaS?

When properly executed, moving towards SaaS is beneficial for both the solution provider and the respective end-customers. The media

technology industry has been slower than others in adopting Cloud computing and SaaS-first solutions, but the pace is quickly accelerating. Dalet has been working on its Cloud strategy over the last ten years and is currently transforming all of its offerings to be available in a SaaS model.

Here is why you should “Go SaaS”, enabling continuous innovation and agility for your business.

Benefits of SaaS for end customers

  • Access to continuous innovation: Customers get immediate access to product improvements in the cloud without the upgrading and updating hassle of the past. Innovation cycles are significantly reduced, often to bi-weekly releases instead of 1-3 releases per year.
  • Reduced administration time and costs: SaaS providers typically deal with infrastructure and management allowing their customers to focus on their core business. They control the security with dedicated professionals. The cloud offers endless scalability, which is key in a data-driven world. And reliability is proven to be higher with the availability of much better disaster recovery.

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