6 Key Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

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Cloud computing has had a transformative effect on businesses of all sizes. It has opened up new possibilities for smaller firms and allowed larger ones to be more reactive. Cloud technology is now an integral part of many people’s working lives, even if they don’t realize it. 

While many of us use cloud computing, there’s still a knowledge gap around the services available via cloud computing. Here are five ways cloud computing can help your business, from improving efficiency to making you more responsive to change. 

It Provides Data Redundancy

Most of us use cloud storage in a personal capacity, whether it’s backing up photos from our phones or storing documents in Google Drive. However, for businesses, a string of notable security breaches have raised concerns. For example, Apple’s iCloud has proven vulnerable to repeated hacking attempts. Plus, recent security breaches to sites such as Facebook and Twitch show that even the biggest providers remain vulnerable.

For many, the result of this reticence is a lack of data redundancy, leaving local data vulnerable to accidental deletion, hardware failure, or other losses. Cloud storage from a managed services provider offers an easy, affordable and secure way to backup your business’ data.

It Allows You To Be More Agile

The IT demands of businesses can be extremely changeable. Fluctuating workloads can create variable bandwidth requirements, with the huge capital investment needed to accommodate rare usage peaks. Meanwhile, new software can demand new infrastructure and skillsets for something that may be temporary. By the time you meet all requirements, you could find yourself lagging behind your competitors.

By taking advantage of cloud computing, you can quickly scale your investment up or down depending on demand. With a managed services provider’s ample expertise and capacity, you can increase bandwidth without investing in your own infrastructure. This allows you to launch services faster, experiment with new technologies, and trial new applications.

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