Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation ‘Vacation’ feature – No more backlogs while assigning leads in Dynamics 365 CRM!

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It is the day and age of Automation! So, it’s hardly surprising that a major portion of recurring and mundane daily CRM processes are automated to conserve time and improve productivity of Dynamics 365 CRM users. And assigning incoming Leads within Dynamics 365 CRM is one such process which has been automated through automation apps.

Among these numerous automation apps, you will find Inogic’s Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation is quite popular for systematically allocating/distributing Leads (or any other entity records) recorded in Dynamics 365 CRM. And now this Microsoft Preferred App is on its way of becoming the most sought after app for lead automation with the addition of yet another handy new feature.

So, what is this new feature? Let’s find out!

Set User Availability or Vacation Feature

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation app basically uses two assignment rules – Round Robin and Capacity – to assign Leads or any other entity records in Dynamics 365 CRM. Under each rule, the sales reps are assigned incoming leads in a sequence. For example, if there are three sales rep in the sales team – Harry, Rick and Sam – then the first lead will be assigned to Harry, second lead to Rick, the third lead to Sam and the fourth lead will be again assigned to Harry. This process will continue until all the leads are assigned or till the individual capacity of each sales rep is fulfilled. But what happens if one of the sales rep is on leave and is not available. How to ensure that leads are not assigned to this sales rep during this period? This is where ‘Set User Availability’ or ‘Vacation’ feature comes to your aid. By using this feature you can create Vacation entity records where you can automatically set the availability status of sales reps.

For example, let’s consider that Rick is going on a short vacation. The manager can now create a vacation record where the duration of the vacation and the status of the availability of Rick can be set. Now during this period, no leads will be assigned to Rick. All the leads will be assigned to Harry and Sam. This will ensure that leads are not put on hold due to Rick’s unavailability.

Apart from this, the availability status of sales reps can also be manually updated. This comes handy when the sales rep is supposed to be on leave but is now available to take over the work. In such situations, the manager or sales rep can manually update the availability status through the user record.

For example, suppose Harry has applied for sick leave for few days but is now recovered and want to continue working. In such case, the manager or Harry himself can manually update his status of availability through his user record. After the availability status is manually updated the leads will be assigned to Harry as well.

With this feature, there will be no more backlogs of leads or any other work items. You can ensure that each and every lead is pursued, services are provided and work is completed on time.

Quite handy feature, isn’t it?

Know more about this latest feature by downloading Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation from our website for trial period of 15 days. Also, check out these videos for more in-depth demonstration on Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation.

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Until then – Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

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