3 Technologies to Help You Switch to a Hybrid Workforce

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If you run a company, you probably know that many employees want to work from home now. Maybe you’re already letting some of them do that, or you’re considering making that change.

However, you might not feel like you’re ready to allow all your employees to work from home. Maybe you have a business model where that is impossible. If so, you will probably want to go with a hybrid model if you’re going to keep your employees happy.

The hybrid work model means one of two things. It can mean that you have certain employees who work from home while others still work at a centralized location, like an office building. The term can also mean that you let all your employees stay at home certain days, while other times you have them come to the office to do their work.  

Either way, there are specific technologies available now that can help make this system easier. We’ll go over three of them in this article.


The average SME has 32.5% of employees working hybrid-remotely. SME means small or medium-sized enterprises.

If your company is in one of these categories, you can see why going with this business model makes sense. If you don’t let your employees work using the hybrid model, they might go to a company within your niche that will allow them to do so.

Zoom is one of the technology forms that became very popular during the pandemic’s early stages. Some company owners felt like their business models would have fallen apart without it back in 2020.

Zoom is a platform that allows you and your employees to meet with one another if some or all of them are doing remote work. Zoom is also free to use if you utilize their basic, no-frills system. Having a tool this useful that costs you nothing is borderline miraculous, and many companies continue using it every day, even if some of their workers are now back in the office.

Google Drive

Cloud storage is another technology form that can let your company thrive if you’ve set up or you’re considering the hybrid work model. There are many different cloud storage options, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and IDrive.

However, Google Drive remains one of the most popular choices, and if you try it, you may end up using it from that point forward. You can use it to share and store files and folders. Your workers can also use it to more easily collaborate on the projects you assign them.

They can use Google Drive from any device, such as tablets, desktops, laptops, and even smartphones. If you have workers spread out across the city or even across the country, it’s hard to beat this system and the many ways you can utilize it.


Many companies that have gone over to the remote or hybrid work model also like to use project management tools. These usually come in app form, though some of them are software suites that come loaded with different features.

Like the cloud storage market, there are many options competing for your money and attention, but Asana has to be one of the top choices. Asana has a chat feature that lets your remote workers communicate with each other and your central location quickly and easily. It also enables you to assign team members projects in real-time, and you can monitor their progress throughout the day to make sure they’re staying on task.

You can use it to collect creative feedback if you have an idea for a new product, service, or ad campaign. You can come up with a budget and see if it works by contacting your accounting department and keeping them in the loop. You can even use it to help stage and launch a rebranding campaign if you feel like it’s time to change up your company’s appearance and mission.

You can also look into other tools that your hybrid work team can utilize, such as unified communication setups like Skype or Slack. You can look into mobile tools like VPNs that can help you keep your communication more secure.

If you have not gone to this model and looked into these sorts of tools yet, you will probably want to do that sooner rather than later. Your employees will want to work from home if they can, and they’ll like you more as a boss if you let them.

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