10 Reasons Why Power BI Works Well For NonProfits

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We all are aware that Microsoft Power BI has a wide-ranging reporting ability that helps users to integrate multiple data sources and swiftly draw insights from an otherwise dissimilar set of information. It is a user-friendly tool, and much of the learning happens while you are actually using it.

Like all applications, it has to be used on a regular basis to become familiar and skilled with its many features.

If you’re already using Microsoft products or considering making the change, you can’t ignore Power BI as part of your transformation strategy.

This interactive and user-friendly business intelligence tool helps you comprehend data through visualizations and reports and helps you make real-time decisions that have an impact on your organization.

Now, for nonprofits, one may think that investing in a business intelligence tool will be a bit too much considering the stringent funds. But Power BI can honestly change the way a nonprofit operates.

It not only makes your staff more efficient but with its intuitive analysis feature you can predict the behavior of your donors and gain their loyalty for life.

Let’s discuss a few good reasons as to why Power BI can work wonders for a nonprofit.


Power BI makes it easier to create striking dashboards, graphics and charts that will illustrate your nonprofit’s impact. In today’s social media age, visualizations that narrate what your organization does, or the impact it makes, are an influential tool for reaching new audiences.


Power BI makes data analysis a cakewalk. Your team members can avoid wasting time evaluating, collecting and interpreting data. Instead, they’ll be free to focus on making the mission a success, not remain occupied in the web of spreadsheets.

Donor Attraction

Donors contribute generously; however, they would like to understand where do the resources get utilized in the nonprofit. They need proof that the funds are being spent appropriately and achieving a real impact for those in need.

Power BI lets you can generate stats, facts, and charts to exhibit the spending graph, telling them where and how they are spent and the difference their donations make.

Viewing performance

Nonprofits like any other organization don’t just have one thing to handle, there are several processes, aspects that have to work in cohesion to maintain a well-balanced operation. Spending hours behind numerous spreadsheets to get one piece of information to gauge your organization’s stance against the financial targets isn’t very efficient. Power BI helps you to track the targets and KPIs at the click of a button.

Tracking operations

If your team spends hours amongst spreadsheets, folders and files to compile a single report and the report, unfortunately, consists of old data, then it’s time to revaluate your technical upscaling.

Power BI makes your data available in real-time, so you updated information about performance, budget, operations are just a click away. The information gets updated automatically at the source once any change is made.

Impact of real data

In today’s day and age, people want to know how a nonprofit is making a difference. They want to connect with their humane aspect more. You can narrate the stories of your successful impacts with real data, stats, and facts, all brought together on a dashboard by Power BI.

The visualizations that are created by this tool are exemplary. If seeing is believing, then people will see the lively data to believe the impact created.

New perspective

Power BI uses predictive analysis to chalk out the trends in the donors, sponsors or benefactor’s behavior. You don’t need to shuffle between excel sheets to understand the pattern or identify the areas of improvement.

Power BI takes your real-time data and displays it in a visual format, helping you to unravel insights that you might have skipped before.

Single point of data

Again, we are talking about spreadsheets because most organizations still use multiple worksheets to store their data.

Each department has its own spreadsheet and just imagine the amount of time and resources that you will be wasting to find one single piece of information if you have to go through so many sheets? It’s frustrating! Power BI ends the hassle. It integrates data from various source systems and brings it up for you on one single screen.

Focused funding

Power BI empowers you with tools you need to understand your organization’s performance. Data visualizations and reporting metrics provide you with the information to make decisions about how best to use your grants, donations to achieve maximum impact, or where to use them-the targeted areas.


Power BI is a cost-effective solution to use and can initiate efficiencies in business operations that will be easy on your pocket. Microsoft’s Power BI offers both a free and paid subscription service.

Power BI lets you share dashboards and reports with whoever you want, wherever you go. Data should empower, not overpower your existence. With Power BI, you can easily control your data, interact with it, discover trends and natural language queries to get lightning-fast answers.

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