Top SEO Trends To Rank Your Website In 2022 And Ahead

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As the second month of 2022 is about to end and the secret to being number one Google is still the same i.e. search engine optimization. What has changed this year is we have some new rules to play this game and come first on the SERPs. I’m talking about the top SEO Trends to rank your website in 2022.

A lot has happened in the world of SEO as Google decided to bring some new algorithms, updates, and rules for ranking a website. All this is for better searchability of content and the only goal is to give users the most relevant search results.

By the way, did you know while I was writing this blog there were over 4.3 billion searches made this year and the number is constantly increasing?

While so many searches are made every second the CTR is significantly higher for the first result only. The #1 result on Google has a CTR of 31.7% and if you’re on the second page there’s only a 0.78% chance of getting clicked.

All this leads us to believe that SEO has a very important role in bringing traffic to your website. Today, we’ll see what SEO trends have changed the rules for webmasters to rank their websites in 2022 and further.

Is SEO Still Relevant In 2022?

The first question that comes to mind is that is SEO still a relevant concept in 2022? The answer is no doubt yes.

Though it might happen that some of the tactics have ceased working but it’s just because SEO is constantly evolving over the years. To keep up with the latest SEO trends you have to reinvent your SEO strategies to better match with the user intent to rank better on the SERPs.

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