Technology Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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There are certain technology terms every entrepreneur should know that will help them understand the evolving tech sector and its role in their business.

  • The tech sector is notorious for relying on abbreviations and acronyms, while many of its most common terms and phrases are industry-specific. 
  • Tech terms can be daunting if you’re not from a computing background or steeped in modern digital technologies.
  • You’re likely already familiar with many products and services that use common tech terms. 
  • This article is for business owners and professionals keen to improve their knowledge of digital technology, and anyone else who’s intimidated by tech jargon. 

Every field has unique terminology and jargon. The tech industry is a prime example, featuring acronyms, initialisms, software references and hardware terms that can make you feel like you’re hearing or reading another language.

Even if you’re not operating a tech company, you likely already use technology to help run your business. An understanding of everyday tech terms demystifies your business’s tech tools, broadens your knowledge base, and helps you ask the right questions when considering new tech products or services. 

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