The 5 ERP trends that are here to stay

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With question marks around digital transformation, the Cloud, and the pandemic, there are a great many uncertainties that continue to circle the global marketplace.

So, we thought this time (and to offer a little light relief), we’d like to consider what is going to stay the same.

More specifically, we’ve whittled it down to five trends in the ERP space that will remain steadfast for the foreseeable.

How do we know this? Well, we’re no stranger to the market, and have had more than 20 years to ascertain what comes and goes, and what’s here to stay.

Keep an eye on fixed costs

Making sure your Oracle estate is adequately supported is a fixed cost in your IT budget. It’s unavoidable, unless you’re considering going unsupported and falling out of compliance (which isn’t the most recommended course of action).

But with such large sums of capital required to finance vendor support, surely it would make sense that the market adopt a more customer-centric approach to payment?

It’s well known that vendors benefit massively from the huge margins on their support services (we’re talking 90%, here). And the majority of this money is funnelled straight into Cloud R&D costs – something that on-premise customers might well never gain access to, despite having (inadvertently) funded the innovation.

Not only do these customers miss out here, but it’s sort of a double whammy. Often the vendors won’t add advanced new features or functionality to its on-premise technologies as the long-term goal is the Cloud.

But this is where third-party support can be a constant assurance.

We can guarantee cost-savings of at least 50%. Support services are at the core of our offering and our expertise, so we don’t ground our fees in R&D costs. That’s quite the reduction on your annual support bill.

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