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AI projects are already having a hard time finding their way to success. At this state, can they outperform humans?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is also known as Machine Intelligence (MI), is playing a vital role in reshaping business models. The technological advancement attributed to AI  will change the logic of business models, transform the lifestyle and living standards of human beings. AI can lead us to a world that is smarter, innovative, and simplifies the way we live. The speed with which AI projects is entering every sector is forcing companies to adopt AI projects technology and become AI companies. This is also influencing businesses, strategists, pioneers, entrepreneurs, investors, etc, to use AI to design new strategies and create new sources to increase business, grab more people’s attention.

According to a Forbes report, “Most of the AI projects fail” and TechRepublic reported 85% as the threat. There is much other news saying that AI is a threat to Forman force, AI will take over the world, and the list will go on. AGI, also known as Artificial General Intelligence, is the concept which is of general-purpose, human-like intelligence.

For a very long time technology has been improved and it’s evolving to date. Due to the advancements in technologies, people are adopting them as they make lives easier and more comfortable. To be honest technology itself disruptive and so does AI too. There are massive changes in employment and many other things due to technology. many enterprises are adopting advanced technologies and trying to lessen the human force so it can capture the imagination. And, according to scientists, it is said that AGI has been immensely successful these years. As we all know AI projects has been successful at NPL for instance, Google Translator, Alexa, etc., and in marketing, advertising, grabbing more people’s attention, and much more.

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