Best/cheapest CRM for tracking store visits, customers and followup and inventory but NOT sales?

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Hey all,

I am a provincial territory manager in Canada. I do not sell directly to stores and act more as an ambassador and educator, providing information and marketing materials, samples, etc.

I need a CRM to track store visits, notes, contact info, and inventory (if they have our products in stock, and if so, what particular skus).

I am currently using Excel with multiple sheets to track different routes. I have visited over 550 stores, and will visit another 500-700 by the end of the year, so the Excel is becoming quite bloated and cumbersome. It also is not easy to get all my information at a glance or search the whole workbook, since cross-sheet analysis is harder (or I am too inept at excel to figure it out).

I am looking for a true "Customer Relations Management" system where I can set reminders for followup, track store visits and other metrics like inventory.

Is there something out there for me that fits these rather specific parameters, and is either free or relatively inexpensive? We are a small team – I'm literally the only sales person on the road lol – and am trying to get it done as efficiently as possible.


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