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Passing information to the right parties within the organization manually or through disconnected electronic means has traditionally caused process inefficiencies. Early generations of software to address this challenge were expensive, complex, ineffective, or they suffered from some combination of these problems. But the latest generation of solutions make it quite easy to keep everyone in the loop about latest updates within a team, department, or broader organization.

Alerts4Dynamics, is one such popular alert management solution which enables you to create, schedule and manage alerts and notifications for different entities in Dynamics 365 CRM.

So let’s see what else this Microsoft Preferred App can do for you!

Different Alerts for different scenarios

Organizations use different types of alerts to pass on information to different set of audiences (individuals, teams or third parties). Be it notifications about overdue payments, reminders for monthly targets, or notices about upcoming events in organization, each of these types of information can be communicated by configuring different types of alerts. Announcement, rule-based, record-based, and event-based alerts are the most useful types of alerts that you can create with Alerts4Dynamics to address the situations that arise in the organization.

Multiple modes to send alerts

Emails, pop-ups and form notifications are typical modes for sending alerts and notifications. Using multiple modes to send alerts enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of each communication scenario. Furthermore, a greater range of alert types also allows you to take into consideration the audience’s preferences. With a broad range of options available, each audience (individuals, teams or third parties) should be able to receive their alerts and notifications in the right mode and in the right context. Alerts4Dynamics makes all this possible for you.

Categorize Alerts in different levels

Alerts4Dynamics enables you to categorize the alerts in different levels of urgency. Classifying alerts into different levels like Critical, Warning, and Information helps the recipients or audiences to understand the nature of an alert before reading or dismissing it. Depending upon the level of alert, the audiences will understand the level of importance and can decide whether to address it immediately or not.

Monitor Read/Dismissed Alerts effectively

Sending alerts to communicate important information to the right audience must be paired with strong monitoring and tracking of those alerts. System owners need to know whether the alerts have been read or dismissed as it closes the loop and gives assurance to the sender. Alerts4Dynamics provides visibility into data on read/dismissed notifications which will help you to eliminate any guess work around the sending and receiving of alerts and notifications.

Establishing an effective alerts and notifications system is necessary to ensure critical information flows optimally through your organization. Because having the right information at the right time matters the most.

So, grab this opportunity to download Alerts4Dynamics from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a trial period of 15 days and experience all these amazing features first-hand.

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Until then – Be Safe, Be Alert!