How tackling burnout can help increase workplace productivity

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The world has had to adjust and readjust to countless changes over the last two years and the effects have been showing on people. But with extended periods of living in a void where the news is as unpredictable as our new world, a new kind of employee has been spotted. The employee who was previously agile, quick, and bright is starting to get snappier. They seem tired earlier than usual and are doing just about the bare minimum at work. Meet the burnt-out employee. 

In a recent study conducted about burnout and productivity, out of 75,000 employees, 23% reported feeling burnt out. This number is increasing at an alarming rate and has some very serious consequences. Consider this- the employee needs to be feeling connected to the company and the work to perform their best, but when they are not feeling good enough about their work, would they see a reason for doing well at their job? 

63% of the employees who feel burnt out have reported calling in sick and taking an increased number of days off-days; and even if they do not call in sick, their productivity is lowered by 13%. Now more than ever, when people are stuck in an unpredictable cycle of work from home and hybrid, the employer is responsible to let them know that they’re there for them. 

Give employees incentives

Let your employee know you care by giving them incentives. Incentives do not need to be restricted to monetary benefits only, as there are other small ways you can show them you are looking out for them. One easy way is making the time for a one-on-one with your team so that an open dialogue and connection is created between not just the higher-ups, but also the entire team. One could also try to show them that their work is valued by creating time off coupons, ones that can be used to have an extra lunch hour if they perform well, and so on. 

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