6 Ways Technology Increases Productivity [Updated]

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1) Automates and Systematizes Workflows and Processes

Many successful businesses use applications for streamlining complex workflows and processes. They have features that ease repetitive and time-consuming tasks. These include activities such as collecting and sorting information or paying bills.

For instance, HubSpot is a customer relationship management, sales, and marketing platform that gathers and organizes client information and daily customer interactions in one place. It allows businesses to engage with prospective customers. The app creates unique, personalized experiences for them. That can ultimately encourage them toward the next best action to take. 

Meanwhile, Rippling is an employee management software that lets HR manage employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, apps, and more using a single platform. 
Turning over recurring and monotonous tasks to powerful computers increases productivity. It also reduces the chance of human error. What’s more, letting technology do the heavy lifting allows you and your employees to focus on core business tasks and revenue-generating activities.

2. Keeps Lines of Communication Open

As remote work continues to be the new normal, cloud and mobile technologies remain essential. They help ensure that distributed workforces have the appropriate resources to stay connected and productive. 
For instance, a cloud-based solution like a Voice over Internet Protocol phone system enables users to make and receive phone calls via the internet. That is beneficial for remote work setups. It allows employees to easily reach out to colleagues and customers without the hassle of traditional phone systems.

Meanwhile, communication and collaboration platforms like SlackG Suite, and Microsoft Teams can enable your remote teams to work together despite being apart. Similarly, video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet make it easier to host interactive virtual meetings and stay productive
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