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Hi everyone. I'm taking over the sales for a cannabis garden (our current broker is pretty checked out and kind of leaving a lot of slack to be picked up). The current contact list is a total mess. They are using google sheets, word, gmail, and another piece of software I haven't been able to access yet to make the weekly menu more pleasing to the eye, plus other stuff that makes no sense to me. The list isn't even close to complete, usually all I get is an email and I have to figure out who the account is based off of that.

I'm wanting to streamline everything as I'm wearing just about every hat I can wear in the facility. For the sales side my responsibilities/goals are: 1) create a complete list of dispensaries in the state; including dispensary name, intake manager/s, contact email, address, and a section for notes about each one, 2) send out weekly emails regarding our current inventory of product we'd like to sell (added bonus if I can have a couple different flavors of email to send), 3) have a task/calendar for future callbacks or any special requests each dispensary may have of us, 4) an account history; past purchases from us, money owed, special requests.

I'd like the software to be free or cheap to start, though if it proves to be a great tool I'm sure we wouldn't mind upgrading to a subscription based thing.

I'm a noob using CRM. I've done lots of customer service in the past using proprietary clunky af databases, so I know I can eventually learn whatever is placed in front of me. I just don't want to waste my time with learning a software, then learning it isn't right for us. Easy to use is probably needed as my owners might like to use/update the content. Available support will probably also be needed as I'll need to learn as fast as possible.

All in all I shouldn't have more than 600 contacts to keep track of once I'm finished finding all the stores in my state.

I tried HubSpot Free and it's OK. I feel like it would be powerful. I also feel like it's overkill for what I need.

I'm sure this sub gets a ton of requests like this, so I'm trying to be specific as possible. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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