Mobile App Development Trends: Which to Consider in 2022?

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Mobile App Development Trends: Which to Consider in 2022?

Mobile App Development Trends
Mobile App development trends


With millions of apps on leading app stores, no one can deny that the demand for mobile apps has increased dramatically during recent years. The boost in popularity of mobile apps has furnished the way for mobile app development trends. The modern trends focus on increasing customer engagement, driving more sales, and improving the experience simultaneously. 

Modern trends are integrating technologies and big data to shape the user experience. It’s expected that this trend will transform app development to a great extent in 2022. However, if you want to thrive in today’s modern era, you must opt for the changing development trends. 

Statista report shows that the smartphone subscribers surpass six billion and are expected to increase by several hundred million next year. With the increasing use of smartphones by a large group of people, it has become one of the effective ways to achieve success and gave rise to the mobile app development trend.

Mobile App Development Trends
Mobile App Development Trends

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Mobile apps have changed the operational and marketplace model at a surprising rate. The mobile app revenue worldwide reached 318 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and is expected to grow and reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. However, one bitter trust is that many apps fail to grab critical success. The primary reason for app failure is a lack of awareness to implement and track modern mobile app development trends. 

If you want to develop a successful app, it becomes crucial to stay updated with modern development trends. So let’s check a few of them that help you create an excellent solution that satisfies your business and market requirements. 

5G Technology

The growing demand for the usual device replacement cycle and the emerging market will bring great sales in 2022. The market will experience 3.8% growth while sales will increase by 1.39 billion during the forecasted period. However, the most awaited 5G technology connection is growing rapidly in 2022; it will experience growth between 20 to 100 million.

Apple has made an announcement of the adoption of 5G technology with its latest release of iPhone 12; hence it can be considered the most emerging trend. This modern trend will encourage developers to enjoy 5G technology to provide more bandwidth compared to 3G or 4G. It has lower latency and can easily be translated into minimal interruptions, and provides smoother connectivity. 

Low Code App Development

The past was the days when developers needed to write lengthy codes to create a feature-rich mobile app. But thanks to a modern-day mobile app development service and technological advancement, they no longer have to spend time coding long. Instead, they can use ready-to-use APIs, frameworks, designs, and more to decrease their efforts. Low code development frameworks provide developers with user-friendly interfaces to create a user-friendly solution. 

Beacon Technology

Statista report shows that the global beacons technology market increased and reached around 519.6 million U.S. dollars. The market is projected to grow at 59.8% CAGR and reach about 56.6 billion U.S. dollars in size in 2026. This modern technology has embraced a great range of industries. It has helped to add advanced functionality to mobile apps. 

Mobile App Development Trends

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Significant advancements have been made to beacon technology. Beacons help track buyers’ behavior in stores; it allows them to identify whether the user is spending considerable time in a specific aisle. The app then automatically sends the push notification, helping you boost business sales for your business product or service. 

The primary benefit of using beacon technology is marketing; it improves the customer experience within the app. Additionally, the technology helps decrease the gap between brands and users—many industries such as healthcare, restaurants, and more use these techniques in their services. 

Apple has introduced iBeacon, a dominant technology in Apple app development. Technology is also a primary part of android app development since Google launched Eddystone. Hence considering this trend is crucial when you are going through the top one.


The technology gave a quick look into the offerings in the form of smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain offers complete security for all sensitive information. No matter whether you want secure transactions or want to exchange documents or other data when you prefer to use this technology for app development, it provides you with improved security. 

Blockchain is considered the safest option for cybersecurity. Decentralized apps have widened opportunities for developers; such apps don’t need a mediator function to manage crucial data. It helps users to get connected with each other without hassle. Blockchain apps can be seen all around and considered as one of the most popular trends. 

Rise of Chatbots

More than 36% of Americans agree that they have used a chatbot to interact with brands, according to the Chabot Statista report. However, 64% of patrons claim that 24/7 service is a valuable chatbot functionality. 

Chatbots have gained massive popularity among companies and users as well. AI-powered technology helps slow and automate repetitive actions like answering queries, automating the order process, and many more. 

Omnichannel and Cross-platform

Most users want to demand the best experience; hence it becomes crucial to prioritize mobile app development trends helping to meet mobile standards and stop customers from switching to other competitors. Developing a branded solution for cross-platform can help to provide the best exposure. 

Shoppers use around 6 touch-points while connecting with the company, while half of them prefer to use four or more. Most buyers are in search of tools that help them build an omnichannel solution. You can choose to create a responsive solution that works effectively on all the platforms and enables you to provide your customers with an improved experience. 

Wearable App Integration

Most of us are using one of the other wearable devices as they are ruling the world. Statista report represents that the number of connected wearable devices has doubled in three years. It has jumped from 325 million to 722 million between 2016 and 2019. The number of devices is forecasted to reach around one billion by 2022.

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There is more going on in the wearable industry. For example, Apple’s Watch8 has new updates, live new access, connectivity, and mindfulness features. The launch of new wearable devices shows the boost of wearable technology. App developers and brands can use this technology to build apps that help them provide an improved experience to their target customers. 

There are many mobile app development trends that you can consider following in 2022. It provides an opportunity to get closer to your audience and provide them with a digital experience on their demand. 

Ending Note

As stated above, there are millions of apps on the leading play store, so how can you make your mobility solution stand out from others? The answer is by following mobile app development trends that help you keep your app trendy and unique. You can consider any top listed trends to develop a user-friendly and robust app for your business. 

The app industry is expanding continuously; hence it becomes vital for you to stay updated with the evolving space. Improving mobile app development platforms, services, and technologies will help you develop valuable and effective solutions. Keep learning and stay aware of new trends as it’s the only way to thrive in today’s competitive market. 

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