Why Embrace The Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator?

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The Nonprofit Accelerator has been explicitly intended to drive non-profit operations, including donor and volunteer administration, raising grants and effect estimation. It is fuelled by a Nonprofit unambiguous version of Microsoft’s Common Data Model, the first common data standard built explicitly for this industry.

Utilizing this nonprofit specific information model and business forms, the Nonprofit Accelerator provides for situations that are extraordinary to the part: for instance, perceiving that a contact can have numerous jobs at the same time such as supporter, volunteer, and part and so on.

Fields and entities have been renamed, repurposed or made to accomplish this, and the outcome is a significant yet extensible beginning stage for a Nonprofit CRM framework.

Solutions can be developed based on entities and features that nonprofits commonly leverage for constituent management, fundraising, grants, program delivery, and impact tracking. These entities comprise but are not limited to donor commitments, designations, transactions, results, indicators, benefit recipients and more.

It includes the Common Data Model for nonprofits, sample apps, sample data, dashboards, and documentation.

So, now the question arises, why embrace the Nonprofit Accelerator?

Speed is in!

By beginning with a progressively suitable data model, the accelerator speeds up the processes of a Nonprofit organization’s framework. In addition to the fact that this means that the nonprofit can save time and money, it empowers them to concentrate their time on genuinely understanding the requirements of their donors, members, volunteers and fitting the framework to address these.

Low-risk factor

The Nonprofit Accelerator is totally allowed to be used by nonprofits along with proper Dynamics 365 licenses. It is supported by Microsoft, which means it profits by innovation, remains in accordance with the Microsoft guide and doesn’t secure associations in working with a particular Partner.

Best practice aspect

The Nonprofit Accelerator has been created with built-in association with charities, nonprofits, and expert Partners. It profits by genuine experience and has both industry and technical best-practice weaved in.

Built on the market-leading stage

The Accelerator expands the rich usefulness of Dynamics 365, utilizing existing utility where conceivable. Volunteer Management, for instance, adjusts Dynamics 365 Project Services Automation to turn into a device to oversee preferences, abilities, certifications, accessibility, and planning.

Aligned with industry standards

The Nonprofit Common Data Model incorporates the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Organization and Activity Standards as a discretionary add-on, helping Nonprofits that subscribe to IATI stay consistent with industry guidelines.

Gauging impact

Understanding that nonprofits don’t work in segregation, the Nonprofit Accelerator is intended to work consistently across associations by encouraging information sharing. Regardless of whether their work requires collaboration with different associations, a not-for-profit establishment can follow the specific impact of their funding from donation to delivery.

What’s in store for the Dynamics 365 Accelerator?

Since its release in November 2018, Microsoft has increased the Common Data Model element set from 35 to 75. Version 2, released in April 2019, highlights 1,400 attributes, from data components to connections to best practices.

Microsoft is devoted to additionally improving the Accelerator and Common Data Model to join new abilities and guidelines in accordance with industry prerequisites. Microsoft believes that it’s about facilitating industry standards to make data interoperable and seamless along with reducing the cost of delivery of solutions to clients and about stimulating innovation.

At AhaApps we aim to help nonprofits through technology aiding them to accomplish their goals. We believe in harnessing the synergy between our client’s requirements and technical innovations. If you would like to know more about the Nonprofit Accelerator, do connect with us.

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