10 IoT technology trends to watch in 2022

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At IoT Analytics, our market analyses rely on the findings from our analyst team but also on the input from experts and advisors. We gathered our advisor’s opinions on the most important IoT technology trends to watch in 2022:

In short

  • Our advisors identified 10 major trends shaping the IoT technology world of 2022
  • Industrial trends include a continuous digitization/automation of the production process, including “Invisible AI” adoption, which is increasingly found at the Edge.
  • In the IoT Platforms & Software related field, the cloud is getting more robust, with cloud-native applications on the rise, and the platform-hype moving to the edge
  • Securing all IoT devices and data will long be a major concern

Why it matters

  • For vendors and end users alike it is important to understand how they can capitalize on the latest IoT technology trends and leverage the latest IoT advancements.

1. IoT is developing into a crucial technology for sustainability

Within the IoT community, the capability of intelligent connected devices to enable and advance applications such as environmental monitoring, territorial management, and energy optimization is well-known. However, the business value of those applications has been limited and heretofore sidelined by most major IoT players. With the rising focus on building a green economy and mitigating climate change, IoT technology has the potential to enable green solutions for enterprises, cities, and communities. These applications, including reducing energy costs, enabling remote deployments, monitoring failure points, and many others, will soon go from marginal cases to drivers of IoT expansion. A key objective of the IoT community should be to stress the integration of IoT into any viable model of a sustainable global economy.

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