Suggestions for CRM for tattoo studio booking process?

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Hi all,
My partner is an artist opening up a private studio, and I'm helping him streamline his booking process. Some more info on how it currently works:
– Books open every four months. At this time, clients go to his website, and fill out a request form. The form includes the ability to upload photos.
– Books close after a week, and then he goes through all the requests, picks what he wants to do, and creates the schedule from there. (This is done on paper/not using a program)

The studio he's opening will be just him and one other artist to start, with the desire to add a few more artists and have regular guest artists. I know there are things like Square that people use to handle scheduling, but I'm curious how it would work with the open booking model he currently uses. Ideally, this is a system that the other artist(s) can use.

Essentially, I'm wondering:
– Is there a program/software/etc where clients can fill out a tattoo request form (with file upload), and then he can go through the requests and schedule their appointment manually? Ideally, this would allow him to directly communicate easier, and the client would be able to see/recieve appointment confirmations. As far as I know, Square requires clients to pick a desired appointment time, and I'm wanting an option where there's basically a step before–where the form the client fills out gets "approved" and then booking is done by the artist.

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