Why B2B companies need automation tools for lead conversion

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Why B2B companies need automation tools for lead conversion

Every company in the world wants to earn new clients/customers. Thanks to technology, reaching out to potential customers has become a lot easier. Few years ago, people were dependent on cold calls for marketing and sales. Now, people are mainly using the digital platform for marketing. The customers themselves do their research and reach out to companies now. This shows that the companies need to have a wider internet outreach and good digital presence.

Automation tools for lead conversion, how will they help?

Manual marketing will prevent your company from getting good sales leads. This is the era of smart technology, where it is imperative to use automation tools. B2B are switching to automation tools to simplify repetitive and time consuming jobs and focussing more on important plans and strategies. 

With the help of automation tools companies are able to gather data and examine the activities of the visitors like clicks and views, in order to reach an understanding of different requirements. Marketing automation and the possibilities it gives help with the exact planning and running of campaigns. 

Why is it important to use automation tools for lead conversion?

Customers and companies gather enough information about products and services so as to make an informed decision before investing in a product. Companies should thus use this stage to market intriguing content with offers to act as bait. If the quality of the content is of high quality and gives personalized solutions, people will be willing to share their information with the company via forms or message/mail. This is done in an automated manner so customers are at ease that no one is taking advantage. Now, once they show interest it is important to convert those leads to customers.

It is crucial to know that acquired customers need to be constantly fed with interesting and informative content in a way that your marketing methods do not annoy them. With this principle, you will generate more traffic on your website leading to more leads and eventually to a higher turnover.

 5 reasons why B2B companies should not avoid marketing automation:

1. No potential lead can escape you.

2. Potential leads can easily turn into a customer if guided correctly.

3. Email marketing is more alluring.

4. Efficient use of conversion funnel.

5. Detailed information about marketing and sales.

Some automation tools for lead conversion:

  1. HubSpot

You must be already familiar with this one. This is one of the most famous inbound marketing software companies. HubSpot gives a marketing platform and sales platform for automation purposes. They help companies transform their outbound marketing such as emails, cold calls, Ads etc. to inbound lead generation. 

  1. Marketo

It’s one of the most advanced automated tools, with features 

that helps both the marketers and sales team to manage email campaigns and a variety of other lead management features.

  1. AdRoll

AdRoll will be of help if you want to retarget customers through re-engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and the web.

With cross-platform retargeting capabilities and flexible segmentation, you can provide customized experiences that will drastically improve your marketing efficiency.

  1. MobileMonkey 

MobileMonkey is a dynamic Instagram automation tool that lets you automate everything from replying to comments, stories to direct messaging.

What is best is that DM automations are 100% Instagram-approved because MobileMonkey is one of the only official partners for Facebook and Instagram marketing automation.

  1. Enfogen

This exemplary tool will help you do the conversions in autopilot mode. It makes it super easy to do your conversions. With this tool, automate customer interactions behind the scenes and give your team intuitive tools to help customers. You’ll increase efficiency, and you’ll be focused on the most qualified leads and the highest-value customer conversations. Book your 10 day trial here.

Marketing automation sounds really good? We agree. Yet there are plenty of tools with different functions. That’s why it is important to understand which tools we need. With the help of automated tools, you create new prospects and deliver tailored content to generated leads for great sales.

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