Where to start? Is a CRM tool what is needed for this workflow or is there a better solution?

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We have a tattoo studio. We get many leads / requests for tattoos via our online form and it has become a challenge to manage them all… so the top of funnel is great.

Now we need to manage the customer journey and scale with more artists.

Is CRM what we need or is there another tool for the desired state below? I'm sure this is a fairly common workflow. Zoho CRM caught our eye as it seems to be very adaptable with a pricing model that seems fair.

  • Collect leads via online form
  • Create customer profiles for each lead
  • Admin sorts requests and distributes to the artist that suits the need
  • Accept tattoo – or kindly decline client if tattoo doesn't fit the style of tattoos our artists take on
  • Sync calendars of the artists & allow client to select available dates
  • Artists approve selected dates & confirmation is sent to client
  • Client completes online waiver form and pays deposit
  • Nurture with email flow & appointment reminder(s)
  • Collect final payment after tattoo is complete
  • Send Follow-up emails / online review request; continue nurturing via shop's email database.

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