Managing time with a CRM integrated field service management in a nonprofit

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Ideally, good time management skill helps you keep your work under control. But when you are overwhelmed with huge amounts of data, requests, scheduling tasks, expecting one to handle all these without a proper tool is a lot challenging. One of the main intents of using mobile field service management (FSM)software is to reduce wastage. Wasting time, resources, money, energy. So, when you look at the features a well-rounded FSM solution provides from a time management angle, you can see that it is a win-win situation for you and your nonprofit.

Let’s dig a little deeper about the features and benefits of an integrated mobile FSM software with that a stalwart like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce can provide:

Effective Scheduling

Traditionally, a problem that nonprofits face is scheduling. A CRM integrated FSM system offers real-time scheduling and alerts. Through automated scheduling on the software, you get more efficient bookings. It allows your on-field employees and volunteers to be prompt in completing tasks/mission-related activities. This helps you save time. Imagine you are in the center and there is a task that needs to be completed within a certain period. The system is smart enough to assign that task/job to the employee whose list is almost done. You don’t have to wreck your head anymore. The FSM software takes care of it.

Optimizing Resources

How much time do you spend in finding out ways to match the task with the correct employee? Let’s assume Rita is great at public speaking and can in a way convince a group of youngsters to attend an after-school program. However, based on years of experience and accustomed to handling such programs, Jacob is assumed to be fit for the role. Now, the system based on the data and expert levels will automatically optimize and allocate the responsibility to Rita. The CRM integrated field services management software will enhance your profitability by adequately optimizing the essential aspects like assigning and routing field personnel based on the expertise level. It will help you avoid creating unnecessary and negative situations for your nonprofit by assigning the right person for the right job.

Integrated Information

Do you know what is the biggest barrier to faster resolution? Lack of information. Take for example if your on-field employee/volunteer doesn’t have enough information available to him/her when he/she goes to meet a group of donors regarding a fundraising event, he/she won’t be able to address certain concerns or queries the donors might have. This probably will impact your nonprofit’s reputation and may affect the donor relationship to a certain extent. The Microsoft or Salesforce CRM integrated FSM software that creates often has provisions for donor history and other bits of information available on any device from the cloud. Again, helping you manage your time.

Task Automation

A CRM integrated field service management software plays an important role in automating the multiple tasks that work as a series of numerous events and generally occur outside the walls of the nonprofit in a very smooth manner. The solution aims to prevent the obstructions and costs that affect the time-wastage and inefficient activities, explicitly ranging from perfect planning, standard resource management, and scheduling ability to adopt multiple changes daily. FSM software enables the task coordination steps with a unique scheduling engine solely responsible for managing all the planning and scheduling variables and their related dependencies.

Reducing Waste

An efficient system that helps you with operational tasks can certainly reduce waste-of-time, resources, cost, and in a way morale. Let’s face it when you manage your time effectively, you will be able to concentrate on a lot of aspects of your nonprofit that might have been neglected or shelved for some time. The primary responsibility of an integrated FSM solution is to handle the problem of waste management that usually occurs in the nonprofit. It includes the task and related activities to manage waste ranging from the establishment to its outcome. Such a system in your organization ensures the reduction of waste by promoting the system’s essential functionalities.

The integration between field service software and CRM systems is so important to field service management and customer experience. It’s in your CRM system where you collect, organize, and manage customer information. And that information is so important to the success of your field service management software. This all points towards an exemplary time management aptitude that will help you with accomplishing your mission better.

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