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Hi everyone. I am the owner of a small clinic and we would like to implement a CRM system that is not overly expensive and could do some simple things for us. The ideal CRM would be able to: Notify the staff if the client is active but not booked for more than X amount of time. When a private client gets discharged notify the staff to give them a call after X amount of time. Be able to put reminders on certain clients that would notify the staff to take action at a point in future. Have an overview of all the active clients. Prospects: Be able to create a prospect database that would also alert the staff if it goes cold after X amount of time.

At the moment we use a spreadsheet for all of this but I am sure we can find a good solution in the market that will automate a lot of what we do.

Could you guys recommend me a good CRM tool ? We use teams so ideally we could integrate it.

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