ERP Implementation Project Success: First, Define Your Goals

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Are you initiating an ERP implementation project?  Can we ask why?

That may sound strange coming from an Acumatica Cloud ERP Partner who would be happy to have you as a client. But it’s important for you and for the Partner you choose to understand just what it is you hope to accomplish with your ERP implementation project.

There are many good reasons to implement an Acumatica Cloud ERP solution. Perhaps you’ve read or heard of the extraordinary functionality and state-of-the-art technical tools. Maybe you’re aware that Acumatica ERP has benefited other businesses in your industry.

But your company is unique. So, why are you willing to commit considerable time and money to implement your chosen solution?

The answer to that question will define your goal for the project. If you aren’t clear about why you want a new or upgraded ERP solution, you may lose focus during the project. Why you want the solution and what you want to get from it becomes the core goal of your project. Clearly identifying your core goals will help you increase user adoption, stay on budget, and reap the full value of your powerful new solution.

Using the ‘why’ for management support

When the management team clearly understands the goals, they will invest in the project’s success. Without management buy-in, employees are unlikely to maintain interest in the project and see it through to completion. Show management how the new solution will contribute to the company’s future growth. When leadership is convinced of the value of the project, they will give employees the leeway and time they need to make it succeed. If management isn’t on board, you can’t expect employees to be enthusiastic and committed.

Using the ‘why’ for user adoption

Presenting a complete overview of the project and what it will accomplish will help users appreciate its value. Show employees how the new solution will help them be more efficient and productive in their various roles. That is what is meant by user adoption. What If users are resistant because of additional tasks during implementation and reluctant to change work habits?  Reminding them of the goals and benefits to the company and themselves will break down barriers and help them get back on track.

You want each user to realize that they are valued and play a role in the project’s success. Help them see that the new ERP system will not make their roles obsolete. Instead, it will create value by giving each employee more time to contribute to the overall goals and growth of the company.

Setting goals and understanding the reasons for embarking on a new or upgraded ERP is the first step in a successful implementation project.

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Using the ‘why’ to stick to your budget

As management and users see the potential of the new ERP solution, it’s easy to get carried away and want all the bells and whistles.  Having your goals and agreed-upon plan clearly in mind will help prevent ‘scope creep.’

When people enquire about additional functionality, look back at the core goals. Help them understand that to get anything done, you must stick to the plan. Assure them that additional processes can be considered during a later phase. If they don’t want the project to mushroom, they must continue to focus on the original goals.

Once the system is in place, you can expand, but getting over that first hurdle is essential.

An experienced ERP Partner can help you navigate your entire ERP implementation.

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