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I am new to Marketing and have few questions around CRM.

  1. Within a target "XYZ company" account you have sales contacts, decision makers, IT contacts etc. So "A" might have signed the contract and "B" might be the one raising tickets for service issues etc. When sales tries to upsell this "XYZ company" do we see all the service related tickets raised under all the contacts for "XYZ company" or just under lead "B"?

  2. The problem my company is facing currently is "Sales works on leads, converts them into a customer, and that is recorded in CRM. But there is a ton of information that is collected manually after the deal has been signed and all that info is added to the billing system. How can we better refine this process ? I assume we cant add all that info into a CRM, because its a lot."

  3. Any CRM recommendations for an MSP? Also does Marketing use CRM with basic info and billing systems use different tools to add large chunks of data within your company?

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