Reasons to Choose a Cloud CRM for Your Business

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Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have become one of the most critical drivers of organizational success in this age where customer experience is paramount. It doesn’t matter whether the company employs 10 people or 1,000, in today’s world, a CRM tool is critical to establish closer relations with the customers, provide them with a seamless experience and eventually expand the business further.

According to, 91% of organizations with more than 11 employees use a CRM tool today, and according to Grand View Research, the global CRM market is expected to expand to $114.4 billion by 2027. But gone are the days when “CRM software” was a bulky tool that required IT experts for installation and maintenance. Today, organizations are opting for cloud CRM to leverage the functional and experiential richness of the cloud. If you’re planning to switch to a CRM tool or are struggling with your legacy CRM system, it’s time to consider switching to a cloud CRM tool.

What Does Cloud CRM Offer?

  • Simple installation and maintenance: The long-held concern that CRM requires a lengthy installation process is no longer a legitimate excuse for not implementing one for your business. Cloud-based CRM tools are relatively “IT hassle-free,” allowing you to get up and running quickly. As a result, overhead such as hardware and software maintenance, server upkeep and the need for a permanent IT staff to maintain and upgrade the tool aren’t deal breakers. CRM vendors handle CRM tools remotely, leaving your IT teams free to focus on more mission-critical activities.
  • Seamless collaboration: With teams now dispersed across the globe, having access to information at any time and from any location is critical for effective collaboration and faster decision-making. One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a cloud CRM is that information is always accessible, which is vital in the current global situation where a considerable percentage of the workforce is working from home. Consider a scenario in which you need to make a game-changing and urgent sales call while on the go, quickly locate a contact’s phone number or submit a revised sales proposal while away from your office workstation. In such situations, having access to the CRM software ensures that your job continues without interruption.
  • Cost efficiency: It is a wise financial decision to switch to a cloud-based CRM as it helps the company outsource maintenance work to a contractor at a fixed rate, avoiding a large upfront investment on the infrastructure. Another significant advantage of using this cloud-based business growth technology solution is that it won’t break the bank. When you host your CRM on the cloud, you eliminate the costs associated with purchasing hardware and servers, as well as maintenance, security and other concerns. Cloud CRM tools typically operate on a pay-as-you-go subscription model, which necessitates minimum upfront investment and eliminates the risks of unexpected spikes in the bills.
  • High security: With the frequency of cyberattacks on the rise, security is one of the most pressing concerns for any enterprise. Cloud storage services provide high-end data security with advanced threat protection features to keep your sensitive information and data secure. Multiple backups are often made to ensure that you can quickly restore your data in the event of a failure. Cloud-based CRM takes encryption to a new level with automated backup policies and comprehensive data recovery plans. Furthermore, you can boost data protection and safety by implementing two-factor authentication and secure passwords, an essential requirement for data protection and privacy compliance.
  • Easy integration: Since standalone business growth solutions are unlikely to succeed in today’s IT world, companies need tools compatible with their existing tech stack. Cloud-based CRM tools come with features that make them compatible with modern tech stacks and enhance the overall collaboration and productivity of the enterprise.

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