Acquire New Customers in New Regions using Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM

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Acquiring new customers plays a pivotal role in the growth of a business. It not only shoots up the revenue of an organization but also improves its brand recognition. For this reason, sales managers are constantly thinking of strategies to target more and more clients to expand the coverage. Maplytics with its unique functionalities has been assisting businesses worldwide to align their sales strategies in accordance with their business goals. It also helps businesses to segment customers according to their convenience and efficiently plan meetings with them. Let’s understand with a use case how businesses can expand their customer base with Maps integration with Dynamics 365 CRM using Maplytics, a Preferred – 5 star rated app on Microsoft AppSource.

James is the sales manager of A D Insurance company that sells motor vehicle insurance. The company collaborates with Auto dealers and provides insurance cover to the vehicle owners for the loss or damage caused in the vehicle due to natural calamities. James is analyzing CRM data on map to acquire new customers. He opens the plot records card in detail map. He then selects ‘by region’ and plots the ‘Active Accounts’ and ‘Inactive Accounts’ in the regions with postal code 10305 and 10306.

James notices that there are lots of inactive accounts in the region 10305. He feels that his company’s outreach to the accounts in that area has not been up to the mark, he decides to focus more there. James segregates five inactive accounts in that region to make gains for his company there. Thereafter, he plots an optimized route with those records for the Sales Rep John to visit them and brief them about their insurance policies.

Before the start of his trip, John realizes that he will be able to meet more clients on the same day. This makes him plot all the nearby Auto dealers on map using POI feature of Maplytics. He opens the ‘contextual menu’ and sets the POI location. Thereafter, within the POI card, he enters ‘Auto Dealerships’ in the search bar. This makes all the Auto dealers in the nearby areas visible to John.

Out of all the Auto dealers, he creates records of three giant dealers in his CRM. He creates a record of the Auto dealers by right-clicking on the icon of the company on the map and then selecting ‘Create New Record’ option. Thereafter, he selects ‘Account’ from the options. In the image below, record is created for the Auto dealer ‘Island Volkswagen’.

He then schedules meetings with those three records. He adds them in his existing route by right clicking on that record and that selecting ‘Add to Route’ option. The final route of John is shown in the image below.

In the midway of his meetings, John gets a message that an Auto dealer ‘L. MICHAEL DE LUNA & SONS’ has cancelled the meeting. He decides to utilize his spare time. He performs proximity search to view all the nearby records from his current location. He sets ‘current location’ on map from ‘Contextual Menu’ and then selects proximity ‘By Distance’ and thereafter he enters the radius of proximity search in ‘Plot Records’ card.

Then, he adds an inactive account ‘Y. HENRY MONT & SONS’ to the route as shown in the image below.

In this way, John successfully delivered sales pitches to eight accounts that will aid him to close more deals for his company. He can also conduct meetings with other inactive accounts in that area to expand the customer base of his company. Moreover, as the sales manager has a Rep working in a postal code with lesser coverage so he will select the postal code itself and create a territory. Thereafter, he will assign that territory to the same salesperson to activate all the inactive clients and add more clients using the POI search. In the image below, manager uses ‘Territory Management’ app to create a territory for the region ‘10305’.

Therefore, the distinct functionalities of Maplytics can facilitate a business organization to activate the inactive accounts in a definite region. Moreover, the Reps can add new accounts in CRM using POI feature to achieve higher growth for the company. The managers can also seamlessly create new territories to work on their regions of interest and assign it to the Field Reps to better manage their market regions.

There’s much more in Maplytics – Download a free trial today for your Location Intelligence needs from our website or Microsoft Appsource. In addition, the users can make use of heat maps in Dynamics 365 to analyze their CRM data through pie chart and column chart. Contact us at for a Live Demo how Maplytics is a One Stop Solution for Sales team, Marketing team and Managers.

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