CRM connecting with “normal user” Facebook Messenger (not a page)?

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Hi there.

I'm looking for either a CRM or an integration solution (Zapier, Integromat) that can integrate with Facebook Messenger connected to my private Facebook profile.

Use case: The customers I am in touch with happens mostly through my private Facebook profile or on WhatsApp.

The problem I'm running into is that most CRMs and Integration solutions seem to only consider a "Facebook Page" as the use case for messages coming in through Messenger. I'm wondering if there is a solution that exists which is able to connect to my private Facebook profile (or, "normal user", not a page.) and read the messages I receive there.

I would probably be ok if I need to "hack together" a solution connecting sending an email for every Facebook Message I receive -> adding the info into a CRM. But it seems Facebook removed the option to receive email notifications for Messages as well.

Curious if anyone managed to come across this use case and how (if) you solved it.

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