Acumatica Cloud ERP Enables Full Remote Accessibility of Data

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Companies undergoing periods of growth face many challenges. One such challenge is managing data and data accessibility. What worked in the past no longer works well now. But what should they do?

One solution is cloud ERP. The right cloud ERP solution enables complete data ownership and access. It also offers the flexibility that growing companies need, both in the approach to data access and management.

Data Accessibility with Cloud ERP

Most companies today rely upon data to make informed decisions. Sales data, cash flow figures, accounts receivable, inventory, customer lists … such data can be overwhelming. The sheer volume of data captured by many companies is daunting.

Add to it the challenges of a remote workforce, multiple warehouses located in far-flung places, and salespeople who need frequent and immediate access to the ERP system, and site-based systems are inadequate.

With cloud ERP, data accessibility is no longer an issue. Cloud ERP systems offer:

  1. Easy access from any internet-connected device, so that telecommuting staff, warehouses in multiple locations, and sales or fleet managers can easily access customer data and update information.
  2. Real-time data access, so that all information is current, making it easier to respond to customer queries, place orders, and check stock levels.
  3. Exceptional data security, with multiple servers providing uninterrupted service and backups offering peace of mind.

With cloud systems, data accessibility is transformed into real-time, anywhere access that enables better decision making, enhanced customer service, and faster information sharing.

Easily Scalable

Another benefit of cloud ERP, in addition to accessibility, is scalability. Site-based systems often require investment in hardware and personnel to manage them. Adding additional people to the system requires purchasing new hardware.

Cloud ERP, on the other hand, can be accessed using any computer or internet-connected device. There is no need for companies to invest in new hardware or network servers. Instead, simply add another seat to the license or pay for the additional usage. The system quickly scales up or down as needed. This is ideal for companies with seasonal business fluctuations or rapid growth.

Twang: Transitioning to Acumatica Cloud ERP

One such example is Twang, a Texas-based food flavoring company. The company makes salts, sugars, and flavors to add to foods and beverages. Over the past 30 years, Twang evolved from a garage-based home business to a powerhouse manufacturer.

Although the company updated their enterprise resource planning system 15 years ago, they found their choice then no longer fits their business needs now. Remote workers, sales personnel, and a large and growing customer base created problems with a site-based legacy ERP system.

By switching to Acumatica cloud ERP, Twang was able to ensure complete remote data access. The real-time updates were critical to the company’s success.

Another important issue to the company was data ownership. With Acumatica cloud ERP, their data remains secure and under their control. Although they were cautious about transitioning to the cloud, the new system exceeded their expectations and fueled outstanding growth.

You can read the complete Acumatica cloud ERP case study to better understand the challenges and successes faced by Twang.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

As you can see, cloud ERP offers exceptional accessibility, not to mention flexibility and scalability. If your company is undergoing a period of rapid growth, it is time to investigate cloud ERP to support business growth.

By Mindover Software – Acumatica Gold Certified Partner

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