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From Ignite 2021 announcements to the growing capabilities of Azure Virtual Desktop, Nobelium attack risks, professional certifications, and more, MSCloudNews has been busy reporting on the Microsoft cloud product lineup and ecosystem. The site is a new and independent publication from the team behind, and in this post we review some of the most popular articles on the site this week.

Key announcements for the Microsoft Azure community at Ignite Fall 2021

Microsoft’s second Ignite virtual event of 2021 has wrapped, but it brought a slate of new Azure announcements. For AI and databases, Microsoft previewed Cognitive Services OpenAI Service and SQL Server 2022, and introduced new database templates for Synapse Analytics.

Microsoft included a new product in its Ignite announcements: Chaos Studio. Described as a “fully managed experimentation platform,” Chaos Studio gives customers a chance to intentionally disrupt apps to spot and mitigate potential issues.

The Gateway Load Balancer, in preview, is a managed service to direct traffic from an application endpoint through appliances that filter traffic or inspect packets. Microsoft issued numerous updates for hybrid cloud, migrations, mixed reality and more.

Is Azure Virtual Desktop more than a Windows Virtual Desktop re-brand?

In recent months, Microsoft relaunched Windows Virtual Desktop as Azure Virtual Desktop. The change has left some wondering: what is in a name? Is there anything different about Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)? MSCloudNews reached out to Azure experts about the change.

For those that haven’t followed the change closely there is a simple answer: AVD is different than WVD. Experts Mahadeva Bisappa, Principal Architect at SPR and Robert Jolliffe, owner of MicroAge Kitchener explained that AVD offers key changes to enable digital transformation, remote work, and hybrid scenarios.

Microsoft encourages partners to prepare for Nobelium attacks

Microsoft has released new guidance for partners to prepare for attacks by the threat attacker known as Nobelium that was behind the SolarWinds hack in 2020. Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center has recorded attempted exploits by Nobelium, which usually follows a compromise-one to compromise-many strategy.

Microsoft encourages partners to verify and monitor compliance with multi-factor authentication, adopt the Secure Application Model Framework, remove delegated administrative privileges when not in use. Additionally, partners should review logs and incident response playbooks.

Microsoft sees a $4 trillion public cloud addressable market, but hybrid needs persist

Microsoft’s momentum with Azure began well before the Covid-19 pandemic, but as the success has continued, quarter after quarter, top executives see opportunities to win even more lucrative market share with expanded IoT and industry plays, and a consistent line of attack against AWS.

Executive vice president Jason Zander spoke to analysts about Azure’s performance and outlook, from services to hardware.

Recommendations on getting started with Azure certifications

Azure professional Jeff Christman shares guidance for other Microsoft professionals on how he has built expertise in his career through passing a range of Microsoft certifications. He reviews various exam series, their difficulty and pre-requisites, and how he has prepared to pass them. His recommendations range from the test-taking tips to complementary industry certifications that have helped improve his job prospects and better serve customers in the Microsoft channel.


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