Today I have launched Early Access version of my CRM designed specifically for Android – would love some honest feedback from the community if I am on the right track!

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The app is now live in the Google Play Store. I would really appreciate feedback if I am on the right track.

Design principles / highlights:

  • Super fast, pleasant to use, information focused UX – designed it using Google Material design principles to ensure it feels like a first class native app on Android, rather than generic multi-platform app that works the same way on web, Android and iOS (BTW – due to limited resources had to pick single platform for initial launch. If this is on the right track will build iOS app)
  • Local on device data storage – no need for yet another subscription or registration. All data is local in secure app directory. Super fast data capture and response.
  • Share your records with other users via secure decentralized synchronization. Essentially you pair your app with app on another device (your co-worker, team member, spouse, etc), the apps exchange mutual encryption keys, and then you selectively can share individual records (and links to those records). The exchange is fully encrypted, only the recipient can decrypt it. There are some limitations in the current version:
    • you can only pair with 1 another database – working to release multi-user pairing soon
    • once you pair you cannot unpair (this will be added shortly)
    • the records you share cannot be edited by remote user. I am working on mechanism to set further permissions on records where the record owner can decide if the remote copies can be edited or not – including two-way sync.
  • Want this to be the best CRM app out there — right now only starting with 3 record types (Contacts, Organizations and Notes) each record can be linked to other record. Slowly will add more record types and features.

More info and link to Google Play store here:

So, what do you think? Would you find it useful? What features would like to see?

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