Syntax Unveils CxLink to Unlock Advanced Innovation Capabilities for SAP Customers

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CxLink bridges the innovation gap for SAP users by enabling easier collaborations within the ecosystem

MONTREAL – NOVEMBER 9, 2021Syntax, a leading multi-cloud, and multi-ERP managed cloud provider for mission-critical applications, today announced the release of CxLink, an advanced business application hyperscaler software development kit that enables SAP customers to innovate with greater ease. With CxLink, SAP users will now have additional capabilities to scale their system architecture as customer demands increase.

“Our customers frequently struggle with various aspects of SAP system management, and traditional integration solutions have brought them greater complexity and costs which has elevated their frustrations. We compiled feedback directly from these customers to identify their most common pain points and developed solutions with advanced integration capabilities to help solve these challenges,” said Ricardo Casanovas, Vice President SAP Products and Innovation at Syntax. “With these insights, we’ve built CxLink as a line of products that will bridge the gap between disjointed technology and cloud services.”

CxLink is fully managed by Syntax and is continuously updated to include the latest AWS and SAP features and functions, providing the most robust services on the market. Some CxLink products are available in both the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and the SAP App Center, but even more, critical, all solutions are  SAP-native and SAP-certified. This product line brings innovation to Syntax customers by:

  • Simplifying Backup and Recovery: SAP environments often have multiple data stores that need backup but require different routines for each storage system. CxLink Backup extends SAP applications to consolidate multiple AWS tools into a single product with a simple interface, providing more efficient, faster backup and recovery of SAP data.
  • Improving Data Retention Efficiency: Data retention is critical for modern business, however, storage management can be complex and expensive. SAP has minimal functionality to support data retention policies. CxLink Archive allows customers to efficiently manage which data goes into which S3 storage tier, optimizing retention and access policies and costs.
  • Consolidating SAP Documents to Improve Costs: Integrated into SAP, CxLink Documents consolidates multiple AWS tools into a single product with a simple interface. This provides more efficient, faster document storage, access, and recovery of SAP data, so customers can easily define retention policies for all SAP documents and link policies to S3 storage classes to optimize cost savings.
  • Linking SAP CRM with Amazon Connect’s Contact Center: CxLink Contact Center bridges the advanced capabilities of SAP CRM and AWS Connect to provide high-performance services to SAP CRM users. This modern SaaS offering provides simple integration of powerful voice technology into the customer’s SAP CRM environment.
  • Integrating SAP Data into Cloud Data Lakes: With CxLink Data Lakes, customers can easily feed Amazon S3 backed data lakes with SAP structured and unstructured data. CxLink Data Lakes leverages SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT) capabilities and manages the transport layer of data to Amazon S3 giving customers a solution that integrates seamlessly with SAP applications.

“Our continued innovation is mission-critical to move the industry forward in making confident, well-informed business decisions, while streamlining collaboration for our SAP customers,” said Marcelo Tamassia, Global Chief Technology Officer at Syntax. “We look forward to unveiling this unique offering to better support our customers and further solidify our commitment to being a partner of choice for SAP users, whether this be through their journeys in public, private or hybrid cloud.”

As an early SAP adopter and long-time customer, Syntax has provided SAP managed services for customers throughout the proliferation of its ERP software in the cloud. Syntax is also the first global provider to hold the Application Management Services (AMS) certification for SAP S/4HANA. This year, the acquisition of SAP Platinum Partner Illumiti, which added more than 250 SAP professionals to the company, further validates Syntax’s unparalleled, end-to-end technical and functional SAP solutions and expertise. More recently, Syntax achieved SAP Competency Partner Status from AWS to expand its SAP offerings and launched its AWS SAP Migration Factory to support customers in managing their SAP systems on AWS.

For more information on CxLink, visit the Syntax website:

About Syntax:

Syntax provides comprehensive technology solutions to businesses of all sizes with over 800 customers trusting Syntax with their IT services and ERP needs. Syntax is a leading Managed Cloud Provider for Mission Critical Enterprise Applications. Syntax has undisputed strength to implement and manage ERP deployments (SAP, Oracle) in a secure, resilient, private, public or hybrid cloud. With strong technical and functional consulting services, and world-class monitoring and automation, Syntax serves corporations across a diverse range of industries and markets. Syntax has offices worldwide, and partners with SAP, Oracle, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, HPE, and other global technology leaders. Learn more about Syntax at

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