Debunking Stubborn Public Cloud Myths

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A lot of enterprises migrate to the public cloud because they see everyone else doing it. And while you should stay up on the latest and greatest innovations—which often happen in the cloud—you need to be aware of the realities and understand different migration strategies. You need to know why you’re moving to the cloud. What’s your goal? And what outcomes are you seeking? Make sure you know what you’re getting your enterprise into before moving forward in your journey. Here are a few stubborn myths that persist about the public cloud and the realities you’re facing.

1. Cloud Technology is not a Project, it’s a Constant

Be aware that while there is a starting point to becoming more cloud-native—the migration—there is no stopping point. The migration occurs, but the transformation, development, innovation and optimization is never over.

There are endless applications and tools to consider; your organization will evolve over time, technology changes regularly and user preferences change even faster. Fueled by your new operating system, cloud computing puts you into continuous motion. While continuous motion is positive for outcomes, you need to be ready to ride the wave regardless of where it goes. Once you get on, success requires that you stay there.

2. Flex-Agility is Necessary to Survival

Flexibility + agility = flex-agility, and you need it in the cloud. Flex-agility enables enterprises to adapt to the risks and unknowns occurring in the world. The pandemic continues to highlight the need for flex-agility in business. Organizations further along in their cloud journeys were able to quickly establish remote workforces, adjust customer interactions, communicate completely and effectively and, ultimately, continue running. While the pandemic was unprecedented, more commonly, flex-agility is necessary in natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and tornadoes; after a ransomware or phishing attack; or when an employee’s device is lost, stolen or destroyed.

3. You Still Have to Move Faster Than the Competition

Gaining or maintaining your competitive edge in the cloud has a lot to do with speed. Whether it’s the dog-eat-dog nature of your industry, macroeconomics or a political environment, these are the things that speed up innovation. You might not have any control over these factors, but they’re shaping the way consumers interact with brands. Again, when you think about how digital transformation evolved during the pandemic, you saw winning businesses move the fastest. The cloud is an amazing opportunity to meet all the demands of your environment but if you’re not looking forward, forecasting trends and moving faster than the competition, you could fall behind.

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