5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire An App Developer

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It takes some time and effort to hire iOS developers who are good at their craft. How do you know which iOS developer is the right person for your project or not? Will they be able to match your expectations? There are so many freelance iOS developers out there that it is tough to understand who will suit the vacancy the best.

So which are the questions that you should ask yourself before you hire an app developer? We have them all here, so no need to worry! Let’s jump straight to them.

How good is the iOS developer’s portfolio?

The first question you should ask yourself before you even consider the iOS developer is whether he has a portfolio and, if he has one, whether it is good or not.

Skimming through the previous works of your potential iOS developer will help you understand his development style and the range of projects he worked on.

If you don’t like the apps he developed, it’s a red flag. No need to hire a person who does not match your expectations. So if you find it all out up front, you’ll not waste time and effort working with the wrong person.

What are the past and present work positions he had?

It’s a different thing to look at the best works in someone’s portfolio and another thing actually to get to know the projects they worked on from nine to five. The past and present positions of your potential iOS developer will help you understand their experience and evaluate their competency for your offered position equivalently.

If you find out that they are pretty experienced and have worked in respectful companies, you can expect to get an excellent performing app.

Do they know how to test an app?

Ask any app developer, and they will tell you: the most challenging part about creating an app is testing it. Sometimes finding and fixing bugs can take more time than developing the app itself. So when you hire the developer, you should understand whether he can test the app properly.

Keep in mind that this question is a little more technical. This means you want to have an actual web developer in the interview to figure out how well your candidate answered the question.

If your potential developer explained a detailed and well-thought testing strategy, then you can be sure the application won’t be buggy.

How will they communicate with you?

In every work, communication is vital. No matter how good your developer is at his job, the work will not progress if there are any miscommunications between you two. This is especially the case for freelancers who are not working in your office and where face-to-face communication is almost always absent.

So before you hire the iOS developer, try to understand which format of communication he has been using for his previous projects. Does he provide constant updates? Is he always available, or can you only get in touch with him once per week? These are some really important aspects you need to figure out before you hire the developer.

Most of the time, it is best to find someone who will be truly committed to your project and so will be open to receiving questions and fixing issues whenever they arise. So, don’t settle down for less!

What are their budget expectations?

Finally, one of the most critical aspects of hiring an app developer is the financial one. Are you sure you can afford the candidate or are his budget expectations too high?

If you’re looking for a senior developer who can build an app on his own, you should also expect that he will demand a pretty high salary. And if you’re only at the initial stages of your business, it might be a problem for you. So before you give too many technical tasks and conduct interviews with your candidate, ask them what their minimum budget need is.

Most of the time, if you don’t have too much to spare, hiring a junior can be the best solution.

These were the five questions you should ask yourself and your candidate before considering offering them the position of an app developer. However, there is so much more to think of before you hire a new employee. But don’t get too overwhelmed, you’ll figure it all out pretty quickly, and once you meet the right applicant, you’ll know it right from the beginning!


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