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Hello Wonderful Community –

I am writing with CRM woes and would love some help in finding an alternative to Daylite CRM. Upfront, I absolutely LOVE me some Daylite and would recommend it to the right team, however, much like a lot of businesses, my company's needs have changed and need to adapt.

What I like about Daylite?

The source of my change comes strictly from having people working on both Mac AND Windows machines in the organization. Daylite ONLY supports Mac infrastructure. What I really enjoy about Daylite is the ability to tag contacts, projects and opportunities effortlessly using their Daylite Mail Assistant program that runs as a plug-in in Apple's native "Mail" program. I also enjoy utilizing the Daylite application as it does a pretty good job at managing my contacts.

What I am looking for in my next CRM:

Contact Management: Having the ability to classify contacts (employees, clients, vendors) and link them to opportunities and projects.

Project Management: Ability to collaborate and communicate on a particular project.

Email Tagging Whether it’s tagging to a person, opportunity or project. I want to create a history / paper trail of communication.

In Conclusion

I really need a CRM that can be utilized on both a Windows and Macintosh computer. So I imagine my solution is going to be cloud based. For the sake of ease, I would love to have a desktop application, but it is by all means, not a deal-breaker just something to change workflow. Ultimately if there is a CRM out there that has a tool like Daylite Mail Assistant, that would take care A LOT of my needs. For the sake of saying it, I would say my company is 80% Mac infrastructure (Laptops/Cellphones) and 20% Windows/Android.

Thank you all in advance for your help!


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