5 Field Sales Best Practices for Effective Sales Meetings!

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Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Field Reps play the most dominant role in driving sales as they are the ones who go out on field and interact with customers. Additionally, sales meetings with the customers are the key to close more deals. These meetings help to connect at a personal level with the customer and expand the sales figure of the organization.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance for the Field Reps to make the most out of their sales meetings with customers. Here are tips for Field Reps for a productive sales meeting:

Set the meeting agenda

Setting the meeting agenda with a customer will allow the Field Reps to stay on track with the purpose of the meeting. The meeting agenda should be set so as to achieve the ultimate ‘sell’ goal. Also, knowing the agenda in advance will allow the Reps to present the sales pitches in the best possible way. Moreover, setting the agenda will help them to impart the priorities of the meeting right at the beginning.

Take meeting notes

Taking notes in a meeting will help the Field Reps to remember its important details. These notes must include the goals, tasks, and deadlines that are discussed with the customer. Sales Reps can refer to these notes to get an overview of their client meetings and prepare a report on the factors that require special attention. Further, the Reps can share these notes with a colleague in another department and discuss the steps to be taken to fulfil the customer needs.

Focus on pain points of customers

Any business organization should focus to know and work on the pain points of the customers to build a long-term relationship with them. Therefore, when a Sales Rep is in a meeting with a client, they should focus on their pain points and ask questions on it to get a detailed report. Taking care of the concerns of the customers is the key to retaining them.

Add Attachments

There can be occasions when the Reps need to organize or share attachments related to a client. For example, a Field Rep may need to share the details of the invoice of a client with the Sales Manager. In that case, the Reps must make use of the latest technical tools to add attachments of a meeting and share them.

Get Feedback

Customer feedback can prove to be a boon for any business organization to drive growth. It is the duty of the Sales Reps to get feedback about their products or services as they are at the forefront when it comes to interacting with the clients. Therefore, the Reps should not hesitate to ask for feedback from the customers at the end of a meeting.


These practices will certainly help the Field Reps to drive the most from their sales meetings. They can also use a geo-analytical mapping app to make the minutes of the meeting visible to the entire Sales Team and help them from appointment planning to route planning, check-in, checkout and much more!

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