New CRM (Lead Generated) has helped me so much in my Lead Generation business

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Short background. For years, I've always felt like I wanted to do more. The whole lifestyle of getting up in the morning to work for someone else and commuting to work was the worst way to live for me. Of course, it was necessary to make a living for myself and provide. I just knew there was more. Many of you have surely felt the same.

I came across an amazing lead generation coaching program almost 3 years ago. With those skills I learned, I've been able to help local small business owners stay afloat during the COVID pandemic and it's been really fulfilling to make an impact that way. They've been able to scale their business beyond what they were already doing and it's crazy for me to think that I'm doing it for them. Me? I'm just a city boy that didn't grow up with much. Am I supposed to be here? It feels surreal and amazing!

In the beginning, I was doing everything myself from generating the leads to manually passing them on. At first, I didn't mind because I was just happy to have a client or two. As I gained more clients and generated more leads, I felt very much unorganized. Little did I know that there was a system, a CRM that exists designed to specifically help organize everything.

From tracking leads and email contact forms on your landing pages, to syncing GMBs and managing your client's reputation right from this CRM. The CRM does it all and more! The automation section is phenomenal and it has call tracking capabilities as well.

My life has gotten so much easier and I clearly see the path to scaling and reaching my higher goals. My clients LOVE that they can access the backend and see their leads come directly to them. It's all so organized and really helps me look even more experienced and trustworthy. I love lead generation and I can't envision not using this CRM in my business. Especially with all the updates to it.

Maybe it can help someone else in their business too.

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