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I’m wondering if there are any good system recommendations out there for what I am looking for.

We would like to be able to dynamically track inventory. When we order equipment from Germany, we generate a PO. The machines are then built and shipped in a container (sometimes the container configurations change, and the machines are not shipped in order). We need the ability to track what we have ordered, tag who the machine is allocated to (or available for inventory), and see the status of the inventory (ordered, in transit, on loan, open stock/demo, or warehouse).

We would like to tie all this info into a customer and also be able to create and complete tickets for the specific machine. Installation reports, test results, and photos to specific serial numbers. When we receive machines, we open them, test them, and then ship out and install at the customer site. After, we service and support them. We would like access to all of this information from one database so that we can see all records in one spot.

If this system were also able track customers in certain territories it would be gravy on top.


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