3 Ways Acumatica Can Help Your Company Save Money

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You have probably heard the old adage that you have to spend money to make money. Let us add to that. You must spend money on Acumatica to save additional money throughout your company. Here is how several companies have reduced costs using the many features of their Acumatica ERP software.

Three Ways Acumatica Saves Money

Companies know that increasing profits can be done by increasing gross revenue while maintaining costs or decreasing costs while maintaining gross revenue (or, for the lucky few, doing both). The following three benefits rely on this time-tested formula and demonstrate how Acumatica can help companies improve profits by saving money.

  1. Enhanced operational efficiency

A study conducted by Forrester in 2020 reported that 45 percent of companies responding to their study demonstrated noticeable improvement in operational efficiency. This improvement came as the direct result of the ability to reduce and eliminate manual data entry tasks, which in turn reduced or eliminated many common mistakes. Such mistakes were time consuming for companies to find and fix.

Another way in which companies enhanced operational efficiency using Acumatica was through improved project visibility. Project data was now available for analysis. The resulting analysis showed that some projects were more profitable than others. Those projects that were profitable could be prioritized, while unprofitable projects could be turned away.

Lastly, operational efficiency improved throughout companies who utilized warehouses for their products. Data from Acumatica enabled each company to improve their warehouse management, which in turn improved efficiency.

  1. IT cost savings

Companies who move from on-site to cloud Acumatica ERP see the greatest IT cost savings. They are able to reallocate IT time to other projects instead of ERP system maintenance. Many companies reported that ERP upgrades were time consuming and costly with previous systems, but Acumatica updates are so seamless that the IT department can now focus their time on other tasks instead of managing the ERP system.

  1. Licensing costs savings

A third benefit is the cost savings generated from the Acumatica licensing model compared to that of other ERP software licenses. Many ERP companies charge a per-user licensing fee and a monthly fee. Acumatica charges are based on usage, not number of access licenses, so it is easier for companies to grant broader access to the system while still saving money.

Customized Dashboards Make Finding Data Easy

Although many features within Acumatica make it popular, one feature stands out. The ability to customize the system’s dashboard interface should not be underestimated. Users can customize the layout, including frequently used parts of the system, to make a fast interface with the system.

Connecting the Supply Chain

Another benefit that saves time and money while improving time to order and customer service is the ability to connect vendors to the system. A connected supply chain enables project managers, operations, and production to view stock and shipping status on much-needed supplies. It helps keep everyone up to date and enables companies to provide better estimates on time to order, time to delivery, and more.

The More You Know, the More You Benefit From Acumatica

These three Acumatica benefits are only just the start. Companies have reported many other benefits, including more accurate cost quotations, improved internal communications, and better data and analytics.

In order to benefit the most from Acumatica cloud ERP, it helps to understands its many features and time-saving tricks. There is a free online resource from Mindover Software that provides 20+ Acumatica Tips and Tricks videos and other resources to help business owners get the most from their system. It is a free resource open to all visiting their website. Find it here and get the most out of your Acumatica system: Acumatica Tips and Tricks.

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