Why I Moved Two Customers From P2xRM to CRMPlus365

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I respect people that can admit when they made a mistake. You’re probably right 90% of the time, but for the other 10%, be an adult, say you’re wrong, and fix it.

My advice, whenever a problem pops up, start in the mirror, and work out from there. Recently, I knew that two of my P2xRM clients were using the wrong software for their business, even though I was the one who set it up for them only a year earlier. My software. My recommendation. My problem. Easy.

I needed to make it right.

First let me tell you the back story….

One of our clients was evaluating P2xRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 in early 2020. Although Dynamics 365 was a better fit for this sales-focused organization, they chose P2xRM because it fit their budget at $29 per user versus $95 per user. With a 10-person sales team, that’s a significant difference in cost.

Also around that time, another company selected P2xRM because of their unique subscription model. Dynamics 365 was full of features they would never need, yet still would have required extensive customization, making it completely out of their budget.

P2xRM worked very well for both of these companies, and everyone was happy. Or so they thought.

Then P2 Automation introduced CRMPlus365.

CRMPlus365 is a slimmed-down, highly customizable, affordable alternative to Microsoft Dynamics 365 that we built on the Microsoft Power Platform.

I knew that CRMPlus365 would be a better fit for both of these clients at a price they could afford.

The first company had salespeople that live in Microsoft Outlook. CRMPlus365 is built on a Microsoft platform, so it integrates with Outlook seamlessly, right out of the box. Sales reps can stay in Outlook to track emails, appointments, tasks, and contacts.

The second company liked viewing their data in P2xRM much more than the multiple Excel spreadsheets they had used in the past to run their business. But they could not slice and dice the data and create reports on the fly the way they wanted to. Of course, we could have added Power BI to P2xRM. But I knew CRMPlus365 would allow them to create unlimited views to see their data the way they wanted. And this was a very Microsoft-focused company that I knew would eventually want to take advantage of all the productivity tools that come with the base product.

Now I had a real dilemma.

Should I tell them they were using the wrong product? At first, I would kind of drop hints like, “I want to show you this cool new product one day.” Finally, I just said, “You know what, you guys are on the wrong platform. It was your decision, but I’m going to take a good part of the blame for that because I let you go down that road. Not that it was a bad road, and we really didn’t have a choice back then, but now we do. CRMPlus365 is the right product for you. We need to make a change, and I am going to do what it takes to make it happen.”

Both of these customers have now migrated to CRMPlus365 and I know it was the right decision.

P2xRM is still the best fit for many of our clients. P2xRM is a business management system, so it’s really designed for everything beyond sales. For an event company scheduling events, it becomes event management software, or for a financial planner keeping track of client portfolios, it becomes financial management software. It is the right fit because it was customized for their business.

However, when there is more of a focus on sales, we can now recommend either Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRMPlus365 depending on the requirements and budget.

We only have one reputation. I want to keep mine as clean as possible.

It was a bit painful and quite expensive for my company to make this right, but it was the best decision for everyone.

If you are looking for CRM software for your small business from a company that will make sure you are on the right product, let’s start the conversation. Contact P2 Automation at (833) CRM-PLUS or sales@p2automation.com

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