Which CRM would you recommend based on my needs?

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Im joining a startup which needs a crm system before launch. Requirements on the crm are: Needs to sync contacts from WooCommerce/Wordpress, it needs automated workflows, lead generation, automated emails and order management.

Our business process is basically this:

Step 1. We will have sales people calling leads as well as direct orders from Google/Facebook ads/SEO etc.

Step 2. Those customers will order a lets call it a starter-kit, customers will then get the starter-kit in the mail, use it.

Step 3. And send it back.

Step 4. Once we get it we will send it to one of our suppliers.

Step 5. We send customers a payment link to order the whole package.

Step 6. They will then send us custom products based on that starter-kit. (If payment from customer)

Step 7. We will then finally send the custom products to the customer once we receive it.

Step 8. Some efter-sales

To expand a bit, we need to have lead forms which can be embedded on the website as well as sync leads from facebook lead ads, step 1. We need workflows where sales and admin people can update status on those leads, basically which step the customer/lead is in. We need automatic sync on contacts for WooCommerce orders. We need automated emails to be sent on some of the steps above, eg. Step 5 to try to convert customer into paying for the whole package. We need reports on how many order the whole package and how they found us (leads, google ads, facebook ads or seo for example) It needs to be scalable and as user friendly as possible. Budgetwise we would not like it to be as costly as Hubspot or Salesforce and frankly a bit simpler if possible.

Do you have any recommendations for me? Would be very appreciated!

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