Not Ready Yet to Upgrade your CRM? No Problem

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and other systems are there to support your daily operations and contribute to your success. The test is keeping your systems up to date and operating as designed. With the steady advance of technology, the pressure to upgrade is constant, especially if you’re still on premises.

If it is your responsibility to decide what technology purchases happen and when they happen, you are probably getting hounded to move your enterprise applications and supporting infrastructure to the cloud.

Because we provide applications including Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) and have seen the benefits of Microsoft’s latest offerings, we support the move. The benefits to your organization will no doubt outweigh any temporary pressure around money, time, or resources, a move can create. But the fact is, you might just not be ready to upgrade to the cloud. If that’s the case, don’t worry.

What can you do in the meantime?

Dynamics application management providers keep systems running incident free

Devising a plan for a digital shift is vital to your organization. In the interim, however, we are here to help while you still operate on older versions of Dynamics.

The evolving Microsoft strategy can be difficult to keep up with, much less keeping the system working as intended. You need a Managed Services Provider (MSP) who has experienced people ready to provide you with that application management support when you need them.

Shifting your Microsoft technology over to and partnering with an MSP with proven success can alleviate much of that stress. In addition, an MSP that thinks strategically on your behalf will look for opportunities and best practices to improve how your systems—regardless of their age—perform for you.

Why Choose an ASM Provider for Dynamics CRM Application Management Services

  • Your IT spend will be a manageable and predictable monthly fee.
  • You won’t have to worry about finding talent to maintain your system as technology advances..
  • You can eliminate the cost of specialized FTEs, which reduces overhead.
  • You get experienced technology professionals maintaining your service levels, security, system performance, and monitoring while working together with you.
  • You get the support you need when you need it through help desks and after-hours emergency support.
  • You get a single point of contact for a smooth transfer and transition in addition to access to global, around-the-clock, first-tier support.
  • You get an experienced team for custom development and enhancements.
  • You have expert coaching available to help educate and ensure user adoption.

When you are ready…

Eventually, your organization will be ready to make the move to the cloud. Having an ASM provider in place will make the transition smoother when the time comes because they will have already been a part of your team, with an understanding of you and your business.

To learn more about how an ASM provider can benefit your organization now and in the future, Schedule a complimentary Dynamics Application Management discovery call today.

During this call, we’ll want to know where you are at today with your application management and where you want to be with your application management.



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