How to Scale Your ERP for Rapid Growth

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Rapid growth is certainly a nice problem to have, and one that many companies would love to experience, but with rapid growth comes many challenges. One major challenge is when rapid growth outpaces an existing ERP system. When growth comes at the price of efficiency, it is not a desirable trade off.

3 Benefits of Cloud ERP for Fast Growing Companies

Cloud ERP offers many benefits, but for fast growing companies, a few benefits stand out. These include.

  1. Flexibility. Modern cloud ERP systems enable companies to add modules onto the basic ERP system so as additional functionality is needed, it can be added easily and quickly. Most ERP makers create a suite of systems that work together seamlessly. Whether you need a CRM system, a warehouse management system, or another function, adding a new module is much easier with modern cloud systems than older legacy systems.
  2. Communication. Because cloud systems receive information from all parts of the company, they can provide users with a complete view of the company. Users can access information to make better decisions and the information is updated frequently. This level of communication makes it easier for everyone to do their jobs.
  3. Scalability. Site-based ERP systems can be challenging and expensive to scale up during periods of rapid growth. Cloud ERP is easier, allowing companies to add users as quickly as needed. They can scale quickly to accommodate new employees, seasonal employees, or new locations.

Cloud ERP Enabled Distributor to Monitor KPIs

The right ERP consultant can make a big difference when it comes to scaling for rapid growth. One company, Miller Veterinary Supply, experienced such a challenge. Over its 100 years of business, the company has expanded from its Texas headquarters to four locations and over 30,000 products. The veterinary supply distributor struggled to monitor and assess its KPIs with the data from its outdated system.

Mindover Software, the Acumatica cloud ERP consultant hired by Miller, was able to transition the company quickly to the new software and include training as part of the process, which cut down on the transition and implementation time. The resulting Acumatica cloud ERP launch facilitated additional growth for Miller and enabled them to implement a flexible ERP system that exceeded their expectations.

Read more about their successful transition to modern cloud ERP software and how it impacted their business.

The Right ERP System Supports Growth

Although transitioning to a new ERP system can be challenging during times of rapid growth, it’s even more challenging to work without the data you need. The right ERP can make all the difference.

By Mindover Software – Acumatica Gold Certified Partner

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