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About Tipalti

Tipalti is a leader in global payables automation. Companies that are a best fit for Tipalti often have to manage a growing number of multinational vendor payments, affiliate payments, or publisher payments. The solution can be used by businesses of any size, across various industries, including, but not limited to, online marketplaces, advertising/affiliate networks, adtech, software/technology, retail/ecommerce, audio/video monetization, healthcare, education, and more—you can check out their industry expertise here. With a 99% customer retention rate, Tipalti currently serves more than 4,000,000 payees and processes over $21 billion dollars worth of transactions across the globe every year. Tipalti is known for its world-class clientele, including revolutionary organizations like Roblox, Twitter, Distrokid, Chartboost, Boost Media, Headspace, GoDaddy, Twitch, Sezzle, and Tapjoy.

The Power of Tipalti

→ Partner Management

Enable self-service onboarding with Tipalti’s white-labeled Partner Hub. Payees can provide their contact, payment, and tax details upfront. They can see payment statuses and view payment history. The Partner Hub is available in 17 languages and growing. 

→ Tax Compliance

Expedite tax form collection and help your company comply with IRS tax provisions. You can require all payees to fill out tax forms or provide their VAT/local tax ID as part of self-registration during onboarding. You can rest easy knowing your AP operation is always up-to-date with the latest US tax laws.

→ Global-Level Payouts

Support 196+ countries and 120 currencies with 6 payment methods. Your payments team can mass pay global partners from one single screen, instead of various bank portals by uploading payment files. 

→ FX Solutions

Simplify FX and currency management; save your businesses time and money while also optimizing the entire payables process. Businesses can streamline and optimize global payouts by simplifying currency conversions for payouts across global entities, paying partners and vendors in their local currency—using cheaper and faster payment methods, and lock in FX rates for future FX transactions reducing exposure to currency fluctuations.

→ Payment Reconciliation 

Users can consolidate various payment methods, accounts, and locations, as well as various entities all in a single report. Tipalti integrates with any ERP, so that payment information can go from Tipalti to your ERP automatically. 

→ Self-Billing Invoices

Tipalti simplifies self-billing processes with automated invoice creation and submission. Businesses can easily generate self-bill invoices as required by governments or tax processes and execute payments upon approval.

→ Performance Marketing Systems

Directly tie performance analytics and data to partner payments, gain visibility into the complete publisher performance-to-pay lifecycle, easily sync onboarding data from publishers, affiliates, influencers, content creators, or other marketplace partners, roll up every global payment transaction (including fees), and more. 

→ Invoice Management, PO Matching, and Procurement

Built to scale, you can manage multiple entities while enabling touchless invoice processing. PO matching and approvals as a requisite part of the procurement processes, allowing finance and procurement teams to gain visibility and control over spending, while streamlining purchase requests, approvals, and vendors, in real time.


Benefits for Your Business

→ A Dynamic Solution

With Tipalti, businesses can simply handle tax and regulatory requirements in cross-border transactions, which reduces the need for any human intervention, and in-turn reduces manual errors that may arise—empowering business owners to shift their focus to more strategic, growth-driving initiatives.

→ Time Savings

By automating the #1 most time-consuming function in finance, payables, more than 80% of the operational processes of paying out are eliminated; with Tipalti, organizations will realize a 25% reduction in time it takes to close the books. 

→ Stay Compliant & Avoid Fraud Risk

Built to help you proactively reduce risk by screening payees on national blacklists. Internally, the system is set-up with role-based security, audit logs, and two-factor authentication to help prevent any compliance issues that may arise. 

→ Multi-Tier Approval

Easily approve spend from your email with unlimited options for setting up approval matrices. 

→ Simplicity, Ease of Use, & Advanced Reporting

Manage both global and domestic subsidiaries and corresponding entities on just one single platform, connected to your ERP. Easily load data directly to your ERP, which allows for seamless creation of advanced reports ahead of board or investor meetings.

→ Mobile Ready

All clients receive 24/7 instant mobile access to payment history. Providing customers with a quick overview of their payables landscape via mobile enables leaders to make faster decisions. 

Click here to reach out for more information or a demo of the Tipalti platform. 

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