Need Recs for CRM/Software for Unique Company

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Company Type: Agency

What Makes Us Unique: Not typical "sales" – we don't hunt for clients/relentlessly reach out like other companies do with with exception of reaching out to companies to sponsor our existing clients. We have a software for that. We just need help organizationally.

Needs include:

  • House client data with varying fields including addresses, family members and their contact info, hometown, etc
    • Bonus if you can web together connections such as listing all clients from the same hometown, college, kids within certain age, etc
    • This info would ideally be easily accessible via a phone app (we currently use public folders/cirasync)
  • Invoicing clients and preferably providing interface for ACH transfer (cc not as prevalent here)
  • Send out alerts to staff for things like whose birthday it is today (one-offs or within a calendar)
  • Possible replacement for Slack (we currently have a channel per client) or link the two in some way

Again, we are a unique company and wouldn't use a CRM for your standard sales functions, we are just looking for some software to organize our processes. There are more potential features, but this is the core of what we need.


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