How Much Do Incompetent Software Developers Cost?

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CamelIncompetent software developers charge the same as competent ones. Here’s why.

It is very easy for incompetent developers to hide when they are working on large teams. You don’t really know who is doing what; you just get a bill for “200 hours spent last month”, and you pay it. You don’t know if 20 of those hours were spent on some knucklehead in the corner that messed things up.

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve thought, “That guy is in the wrong job. How does he even have a job?” He’s on a team with nine other people, and they’re all great, that’s how at the end of the day, the program comes out phenomenal, but it would have been just as good without this person. Maybe better. Maybe less costly.

With a small team like the one we have at P2 Automation, there is nowhere to hide. Everyone has to be competent.

People sometimes use the term “boutique firm.” In my mind, that means small. But sometimes, small is just the right fit.  Custom software, built just for your processes, requires clarity.

We all know the game “telephone” where one person says a sentence and whispers it to the next kid in line. By the end of the line, the original sentence is completely lost. Everyone laughs. When you work with a large development team, the same can happen. But nobody is laughing.

You won’t have that problem at P2 Automation. But if you do decide, for whatever reason, that you want to work with a larger company or even with your internal development team, you can increase your chance of success by starting out with the right design plan. At P2 Automation, we can help you design your process flow, even if you don’t work with us to develop the software. Don’t think of it as a software design; think of it as a process design that is specific to your business. You can then take that design to any team and say, “how would you make this happen?”

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