Nimble Partnered with Reliance Network to Revolutionize Real Estate Sales Engagement

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We are excited to announce that Nimble has partnered with Reliance Network to help realtors cultivate and grow their networks and close more deals!

Reliance Network empowers many of the world’s most prestigious luxury real estate brands with designer websites, marketing automation, and CRM. Reliance provides their clients with the tools to build a beautiful website and capture and nurture leads. Nimble takes it a step further by making it easy to build and nurture client relationships by automatically enriching contact records with the critical information agents need to engage prospects on a more personal and effective level.

Nimble Enriches Reliance Leads with Contact details in Seconds

Reliance Network helps real estate agents with designer websites, figuring out great ways for capturing lead opportunities, building lead pages, and centralizing leads from multiple sources, like Zillow Tech Connect,, or their own or their company websites. Reliance also offers great ways to outreach to realtors’ databases with newsletters.

Nimble enables a more personalized approach to engaging leads acquired through the Reliance Network platform by enriching contact records with the personal and company insights agents need to send highly targeted, trackable emails at scale while still appearing as a one-to-one personalized communication that is sent from their work/personal email address. 

Many times, real estate agents receive completely anonymous leads, so instead of guessing or spending hours on research, they can use Nimble to do the work for them. Even better, they can enrich their leads in seconds and do so from within their Reliance accounts, their inboxes, social media platforms, and/or any company website. 

“We set out to locate a class-leading CRM for our power users that was easy to use, personal and flexible. What we found was Nimble and its abilities to deliver business lead enrichment that turns every agent’s database into a sales prospecting engine,” said Sean McRae, CEO of Reliance Network. “Reliance Network + Nimble is a joint effort to help every agent and team generate more lead opportunities, cultivate stronger relationships, and meet their GCI goals in less time.”

sean mcrae

sean mcrae

The Power of Nimble + Reliance Network

Real estate professionals have to really understand their clients and their needs to be successful in real estate. The saying that ‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’ is especially true in the real estate industry because most referrals come from existing relationships. This is where Nimble really shines by helping real estate professionals to take their relationships to the next level. 

Nimble makes it easy to build and nurture client relationships by automatically enriching contact records with important information such as location, biography, email, phone number, etc. Nimble also finds social media accounts, saving realtors time on research and data entry. Adding the social media information to contact records is the necessary extra layer that is needed to find as much information about clients as possible to establish trust and rapport.

The magic doesn’t stop with creating rich contact records. Nimble then links them with the entire history of conversations and calendar events. Agents can also take their existing contacts with them where they work. Nimble works directly inside of Gmail or Outlook inbox and in any web browser. This way, realtors can quickly and easily create new contact records and access existing ones from anywhere on the internet: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, any company website, and any third party cloud application.

jason decker

jason decker

Supercharge Your Real Estate Business Growth with Nimble

Unify Contacts – Nimble automatically builds and updates itself by combining contacts across platforms into one unified relationship manager enriched with the business insights needed to take action.

Enrich Leads – Nimble enriches leads discovered through Reliance Network with details about who they are, where they work, where they’re from, their interests, and their complete social profile. 

Access CRM Everywhere – Nimble makes it easy to access all the important information about contacts directly from inbox, anywhere on social media or on the web, as well as in cloud-based apps. 

Prospect New Leads Smarter, Better, and Faster – Nimble automatically captures new leads from anywhere on the web and syncs them with Reliance to make the most out of every opportunity. 

Leverage Group Email Marketing, Tracking, and Analytics – With Nimble, it is much easier to further nurture relationships with leads acquired through Reliance Network by sending personalized, trackable outreach to groups or individuals based on targeted segments built by using social and business insights.

Successfully Manage Your Sales Pipeline – Users of Nimble can create unlimited pipelines and hone in on reports to track the opportunities uncovered through Reliance Network.

Stay up to Date with an Intuitive Relationship Dashboard – Nimble’s Today Page dashboard allows individuals and teams to scan their sales pipeline, tasks, calendar appointments, and track priorities to build relationships with the contacts that matter the most.

“The best realtors research prospects before engaging to be better prepared to solve their customer needs. Unfortunately, many agents don’t properly prepare because it’s too much work,” says Jon Ferrara, CEO & Founder of Nimble. “Nimble helps Reliance Network real estate agents close more business by making sales prospecting fun and easy!”

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How to Get Started with Reliance Network + Nimble

Reliance will need to activate Nimble within your Reliance account. Please visit this page to submit a request for your account activation.

Once Nimble is activated, Nimble will appear in your account’s menu. There is a monthly fee to use Nimble with Reliance that will be paid directly to Nimble.

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