Is a CRM what I need for my mountaineering business?

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Hi, I'm trying to work out whether a CRM is what I need to manage bookings for my mountaineering business.

At the moment, our systems feel quite manual and labour intensive:

1) enquires come through via webforms or via email 2) Once dates and costs are established, I send our freelance guides a group email to check availability 3) guides get back to me 4) I then confirm booking client with availability and send a link to a quickbooks invoice 5) client pays, mainly by bank transfer and send through a booking form (webforms) 6) confirm booking with guide 7) put booking onto Office 365 calendar 8) remember to send one drive link with client booking form to guide with a week to go 9) client has trip with guide 10) send a follow up email to client asking for feedback and ask reviews to be posted to TripAdvisor, FB and Google Reviews.

As you can see, there are a lot of steps and it's hard to keep on top of it all. Would a CRM help automate or make some of the above steps quicker? I struggle to see how a CRM could really make a big difference.

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