Advice on CRMs for WhatsApp based business

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Hi guys, this seems like the right place! God I love Reddit.

So I'm planning to start a business that basically uses a chatbot to give people information from our database as to medical service sin their locality, some cases will be very easy, but for some people they may need to speak to a human, so what I was thinking is, have the not do most of the lifting and then when someone wants to speak to a human the not passes on the case via CRM to a human as a ticket, the human then resolves the query.

What I'd like to know is, is there a platform that can do all of the above in one package (or a couple of packages under the same company to ensure good data flow) For example, Zoho have zobot right? And have a CRM tool (there's so many options on there I'm confused as to which one is actually need) Any advice from the community?

Thanks guys

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